The Pleasure and Power of “Post-Play”


Ride That Wave ALL The Way In

I grew up spending my summers on the beach nearly all day, every day. I used to boogie board – A LOT.

One of my favorite parts of boogie boarding was riding the wave all the way to the shore. I wanted to savor the ride, and I would pump the board up and down to get every last bit of the fun that I could.

Bringing this idea to your sex life can have an awesome impact both in the moment and over time AND both in your sex life and beyond, causing ROMANCE RIPPLE EFFECTS in your relationship.


The Post-Play Off-Ramp

When having sex, you usually don’t just jump right into actual intercourse. There’s an ON-RAMP to intimacy, it’s called FORE-PLAY. There’s an OFF-RAMP too! Let’s call it POST-PLAY.

Climax is defined as “the most intense, exciting, or important point of something.” It’s a PEAK and a highlight for sure, still it’s NOT the end.

Having an ABRUPT END, can for some end up being annoying or even upsetting.

It Is Not The End

Don’t Leave Pleasure “In The Bed”

If your Passion Practices lean towards the wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am, you might want to consider all the passion, pleasure, joy and intimacy you’re leaving on the table (Or in the bed, I should say!)

The POST-PLAY period after climax is powerful. It has purpose. It’s about maximizing pleasure and riding that wave of healthy, hot intimacy all the way to the shore.

Enjoy the off-ramp! Soak it all in. Celebrate and saaaaaaaaaavor it.

From Fiery Frenzy to Soft Landing

Just as you gradually sped things up, (and hopefully got into a FIERY FRENZY of unbridled passion), make sure you give some attention to creating a SOFT LANDING as well.

There’s an album name I just love – “Post Orgasmic Chill” by Skunk Ananise. The title reminds me that this POST-PLAY period is a special time and worthy of as much attention as we give foreplay, which is hopefully for you, a lot.

And just the word “chill” makes me want to sloooooow dooooown and smell the roses so to speak.


Post Orgasmic Chill


Don’ts & Do’s

What to do in your Post Sex Pause or Post Orgasmic Chill time?

Don’t just jump up and SCURRY OFF into the rest of your life after the “deed is done.” Or the opposite, don’t just PASS OUT either.

And if you have the urge to get up and move, go take a bath or shower together. Why not try a soak in the tub together to REALLY soak it all in?

Yes there are reasons you feel drained, BUT you don’t have to let all the intimacy and good will go down the drain.

Take in this PRECIOUS pleasurable moment with shared breath, deep eye contact, cuddling, kisses and any other way you find to show each other how much you relish in your relationship and your sex-life.


Don’t Let Intimacy & Goodwill Go Down The Drain


Often, Extreme & Long

Use these three SIMPLE questions to consider what one GOAL, that if met, would bring you and your partner the most EASE, ENERGY and even ECSTASY.

Remember, you’ll end up with many goals over time so just start with either a BABY STEP goal to BUILD CONFIDENCE and momentum or if you are in CRISIS MODE in your relationship right now, then you might want to pick the “BIGGIE” and create some headway and HEALING there.


Beyond The Bedroom

This juicy, passionate, connected, yummy, loving space you just co-created is ENERGY and GOODWILL you can extend to cause a RIPPLE EFFECT that can travel OUT of the bedroom and INTO your day-to-day lives.

Ride that wave of romance and passion ALL the way into shore and you will intensify your intimacy in the bedroom and WELL BEYOND.

Let’s play passion!


Your Partners in a P3 Relationship,

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