The 60 Second Habit for Easy Access to Awesome Intimacy

Action Option Your relationship mission, should you accept it is to… Ask your beloved if they’re up for playing a kissing Game. Share this Game and ask if they want to play this one or modify it. Post reminders that say Name That Kiss in places you will see it. Initiate and engage with the […]

How to Have Your Relationship Be Awesome on Automatic

3 Steps to Relationship Reflection

Rigor, Rest and Relationship

Living the Love Trifecta

  Your Action Option Should You Choose To Accept It… Set reminders in your calendars for the Play, Peace, and Passion seasons. As a season starts, pick a goal/game to take on (together or on your own if needed). Pick your prompts and post them so you keep your goals/games visible. Take action toward your […]

Five Fun Steps to Let Go of Being Right and Lean into Being Love

Both is Better Than One

Do you ever fight repeatedly about something fairly stupid but you both seem to care A LOT about? This one is a bit embarrassing, but it’s real and current.And I hope it inspires others to find a way to have an argument turn into intimacy and compromise become SYNERGY.We’ve used our PEACE PRACTICE of BOTH IS BETTER THAN ONE to go from a repeat aggravation between us to an up-leveling of intimacy.

The Shared Relationship Vision Exercise

The Squeaky Wheel. The squeaky wheel gets the grease, right?That’s why we tend to NOT give our relationship much attention until it DEMANDS it from us.How squeaky does YOUR relationship wheel have to get before you to DO SOMETHING?