How to Keep the Fights Clean & the Sex Dirty

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3 Essential Criteria For An Awesome Relationship…

Having a sense of PLAY as your friend, a sense of PEACE as your sanctuary and a sense of PASSION as your lover…

And the best way to create a sense of play, peace and passion is to remember just this one thing…Keep the Fights Clean & the Sex Dirty! That’s what someone told us the day we go married and we’ve been following that great advice ever since.

Now creating a playful, peaceful, passionate dynamic in your relationship may not always seem so easy, but we’re here to make it simpler and more fun than ever.

Want to lighten up when it comes to fights or light up when it comes to sex? Click the image below that most applies to your relationship needs right now. Or have some fun checking out both!

Raj and I believe that a PLAYFUL, PEACEFUL, PASSIONATE & PROACTIVE relationship is not only possible, it becomes probable IF you get proactive about it. We get that life is too tough to do alone, yet a crappy relationship is worse than none at all, and a wonderful one is so worth what it takes. Plus we’re here to make it easier and more fun too!

We do this through our shows, courses, retreats, personal coaching and now this store, so you can find the most fun, affordable, high quality products to support and celebrate a healthy, happy and hot relationship.

We select every product with care to ensure you get the best of the best (at the best price) when it comes to gifts for your beloved, a beloved couple you know or even for yourself! Whether it be a personalized product, a playful or proactive one or all of the above, we hope there’s something perfect in here for you.

Fights Clean:

Tired of it being so tense? Exhausted by endless arguments? Want to turn conflict into connection? Turn repeat, extreme and long lasting fights into rare, mild and short-lived ones with these playful props for Keeping the Fights Clean.

Sex Dirty:

Had enough of feeling separate and lonely even when you’re together? Is sexy-time just not that sexy anymore? Turn distractions, boredom, and blocks into intention, excitement and bliss. Get in on these inspiring P3 Products today and have your toes curling tomorrow!