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Products for Keeping the Fights Clean and the Sex Dirty

Look no further to find the most fun, affordable, high quality products to support and celebrate a healthy, happy and hot relationship.

We select every product with care toensure you get the best of the best, (at the best price), when it comes to gifts for your beloved, a beloved couple you know or even for yourself!

Keep the Fights Clean and the Sex Dirty with these playful props and prompts to keep your partnership purring.

Fights Clean:

Tired of it being so tense? Exhausted by endless arguments? Want to turn conflict into connection? Turn repeat, extreme and long lasting fights into rare, mild and short-lived ones with these playful props for Keeping the Fights Clean.

Sex Dirty:

Had enough of feeling separate and lonely even when you’re together? Is sexy-time just not that sexy anymore? Turn distractions, boredom, and blocks into intention, excitement and bliss. Get in on these inspiring P3 Products today and have your toes curling tomorrow!