Ep. 2.1: Bye-Bye Friction Factors, Hello Peace Practices

IF you are WILLING to INVEST your energy into your relationship BEFORE a fight, rather than unwillingly having your energy getting drained from you DURING a fight, then you can DRAMATICALY reduce the wet-blanket-weight of any repetitive or soul-numbing conflicts that arise.

Join Raj and I for the first episode of of the season as we dish about common Friction Factors and the Peace Practices that can reduce or even retire that negative influence on your relationship.

The topic is How to Keep the Fights Clean – BEFORE and the point is to get PRO-ACTIVE so you can diminish how often these Friction Factors happen, how bad they get or how long they last. Take your complaints and get creative! Translate the complaint into a commitment, the “problem” into the path.

If you’re fed up with Friction Factors, there IS a way out – Join us for some PEACE PRACTICES!

Gaby and Raj (Abe Wedding 2)

About Us Bio:  A couple for almost a decade, and together nearly 24-7, Gaby and Raj Sundra run two businesses together and STILL enjoy a playful, peaceful, passionate relationship.

Their message and method are fun, funny and forward focused. No need to be so significant and serious or to dissect problems anymore!

Gaby helps turn impossible dreams into awesome realities. Her favorite expression is “Pigs CAN fly!”

Raj’s thirst for meaningful knowledge has him known as the “Energizer Bunny of transformation”. His motto is “Let’s do this!”

Together with over 40 combined years of education, training and experience, they help couples keep the fights clean and the sex dirty and save being nasty for their sex life.

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