Ep. 2.8: The Pleasure and Power of “Post-Play”

The deed is “done”, but IS IT? Not at all! Ride that wave of romance and passion ALL the way to shore and you’ll intensify your intimacy in the bedroom and WELL BEYOND.

This juicy, passionate, connected, yummy, loving space you just co-created is ENERGY and GOODWILL you can extend to cause a RIPPLE EFFECT that can travel OUT of the bedroom and INTO your day-to-day lives.

Join us as we explore How to Keep the Sex Dirty – AFTER with special guests Destin Gerek and his beloved Prana.

Destin Prana_original(bio)Special Guest Bio: Ellie Prana is a Teacher and Navigator of Energy, specializing in guiding your prana (life force), through energetic and auric experiences, to help create your most desired life. Prana’s teachings come from a wide range of experiences, such as open communication with her own sexuality since age 7, being inspired by spirituality and human psychology from age 12, which taught her to choose love instead of jealousy (and clearing all related karma) at age 14. Living a bi-continental & bicultural life made her fluent in both languages and cultures (Japan & US). Additionally, she has 9 years experience of teaching Hatha Yoga, and is currently living in the jungle of the Philippines at an ashram teaching & studying as a disciple with a tantric master.

Destin is a transformational empowerment coach who specializes in helping you awaken your sexual energy, while harnessing this newfound power to passionately manifest your biggest visions, and create the life of your dreams. A globally recognized thought leader in the realms of sexuality, consciousness, and personal transformation, Destin has been working in the field of human sexuality for over 17 years.

In 2004, Destin experienced a massive spiritual reawakening while hitchhiking through southern Mexico. Since that time, Destin has made it his life’s purpose to help catalyze an elevation in global sexual consciousness.

Destin has worked with multi-millionaires and struggling artists, CEOs and the unemployed, celebrity musicians, authors and actors, coaches, trainers, and business professionals, porn stars and yoga teachers, and regularly speaks to and communicates with an audience that spans 6 continents.

Destin and Prana been in each other’s lives for twelve years, and in romantic partnership for two. Their relationship spans three countries (US, Japan, and The Philippines), and is an exploration of freedom within a committed relationship.





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