Ep. 2.6: How To Lead & Listen, Be Forceful & Loving

Is your unsatisfying sex life just one more thing on the long list of things you can be irked with your beloved about? Or is your sex life an inspiring arena to play, learn and grow together?

Do you want to be RIGHT about what’s WRONG with your sex life OR do you want to have awesome eye-popping, BEST-EVER-SEXY-TIME with your beloved?

The good news is YOU get to CHOOSE.

It’s time for a libido lift! Learn how to lead lustfully while listening lovingly as we get to the nitty-gritty-down-and-dirty of what works when it comes to super satisfying “best-eva-sexy-time.”

Move beyond being bashful and get in on these top tips for a brave, bold & blissful sex life. Join us as we explore How to Keep the Fights Dirty: DURING with a very special guest, Gaby’s Auntie Merry Mahima. Come get a rare peak into her wonderful words of wisdom to escalate arousal, intensify intimacy and even have your sex life be a community service!

Mahima Bio Image (cropped)Special Guest Bio: While Merry Mahima has decades of tantra training, has led wonderful workshops and impacted countless couples in her work, she has not been teaching or speaking on this topic in years.

We only get to get in on her world altering wisdom because she’s also Gaby’s aunt. Merry Mahima spends her time between her two homes in Marin, California and Hawaii when she is not traveling the globe with her beloved, Martin.

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