Ep. 2.5: How to End an Argument in an Instant 

Tired of the tension, bickering or even outright fighting? Had enough of being exhausted by repetitive upsets? Do you wake up frustrated by our relationship before you even get the day started? Maybe you’re even at the end of your rope by this point.

Stop the suffering! Stop trying to use logic or loud voices to resolve conflict.

When you’re in an argument and in the heat of it, LOGIC, REASON & PROBLEM SOLVING won’t do you very much good AT ALL. They can even be like gasoline to a fire – EXPLOSIVE! In a split second, it can be off-to-the-races and pretty quickly DEVOLVE into ugly rants that go no where or worse, FAST.

You can either get triggered, go ROUND & ROUND over “REASONS”, trying to resolve an issue, and getting not only nowhere, but FURTHER from where you want to be

… OR…

You can check out our quick, easy-access tips and techniques to tame triggers and end an argument in an instant with “Argument Escape Hatches”. Enjoy a new level of trust, intimacy, and joy unknown before. You’ll be well on your way to a playful, peaceful, passionate, P3 Relationship.

IUTS-GabyRajBMDance-(vertical)A couple for almost a decade, and together nearly 24-7, Gaby  and Raj Sundra run two businesses together and STILL enjoy a playful, peaceful, passionate relationship.

They had some pretty dark, tough, looooong days early on, but they did the reading,  workshops and therapy until they figured it out and discovered just what made relationships soar rather than sink.

What’s refreshingly different about their work is that they are fun, funny and forward focused. No need to be so significant and serious or to dissect or over analyze problems anymore!

Gaby’s highest values are fun, growth and contribution. She’s a life-long learner and has a Masters degree in Education, Counseling & Guidance. She helps turn impossible dreams into awesome realities. One of her favorite expressions is “Pigs CAN fly!”

Raj values happiness, vision and continuous improvement. Known as the “Energizer Bunny of transformation”, his thirst for knowledge that makes a difference has led him to a Master’s Degree from Cornell, personal development like Landmark Education, and endless research in books, workshops and beyond. His motto is “Let’s do this!”

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