Ep. 2.2: Initiate Inertia – Tend To Your Garden Or Weeds Will Grow

Seduction starts WAY earlier than most think. In fact, it’s happening ALL the time. The way you relate to your partner ALL-DAY-LONG-EVERYDAY creates the relationship environment that will determine if you have a hot and healthy sex life or unsatisfying or next to non-existent one.

That environment will determine if when together, you can easily drop the stressors of the day and slow down and soften into intimacy and passion with each other or if that environment will be a barrier to intimacy, a herculean hurdle to find your way back to being hot for each other again.

Join men’s empowerment coach Scott Destephanis and his amazing wife and women’s empowerment coach, Sacha Lalla as we explore YOUR questions LIVE about How to Keep the Sex Dirty – BEFORE answered.

Special Guests Bio:  Sacha Lalla is a women’s empowerment coach, writer and speaker. She ditched her high-paying corporate career to be a trampoline for high-level kick-ass women who know they were meant for something bigger, farther, higher than they ever have before. She brings empowerment and leadership to those areas women feel most ashamed and fearful to tackle alone. She has successfully coached hundreds of women, has 7+ years experience in coaching and seminars all focusing on women and their relationship with themselves, their lives, their frame of mind and their level of confidence.

Scott DeStephanis is a Men’s Relationship Coach and Speaker with over 7 years experience internationally. He’s deeply dedicated to serving men and having their relationships thrive. He leads an international men’s organization and even dedicated part of his wedding to offering the community a seminar on love and relationships with his wife and other internationally recognized speakers. Scott’s goal is to impact and facilitate connection in relationships by teaching men how to communicate in a way that’s true, honest AND understood by their partner.

Scott and Sacha have been a couple for 7 years and married for three. They live in love in Toronto, Canada.

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