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Stretch the Impact

You might think the “deed is done,” but is it, really? It’s time to take a closer look and discover new ways to scoop up all that yummy post orgasmic energy, good times and goodwill to ensure that you just keep getting closer and closer – and that the sex just keeps getting better and better.

Don’t leave all that extra pleasure and joy on the table. There’s so much more available than what’s on the surface. So ride that yummy wave of physical and emotional deliciousness ALL the way in.

Get all that you can from your latest sexy-time adventure. Stretch the impact of that shared intimate experience well into your next day. Let that joy and juiciness ripple out into your next day and beyond. Note –Looking for the Romp Recap? Click HERE!


Romp Replay

One way to do this is to recall the memories of the night before in a very real way so that you can relive the enjoyable experience all over again.

Do a replay in your mind of all your favorite parts of the intimate interlude. Visualize and re-experience what you liked about what you and your beloved did that turned you on. Focus on any of the positive and pleasurable elements overall.

See it in detail. Experience the nuances. Recall the sounds, smells the heat and the happiness.

Relive That Enjoyable Experience All Over Again


Why Bother?

Why bother? It’s over, right? NOT necessarily!

Well, there’s a ton of research out there on the impact of reliving memories. Here’s what we know so far…

One Thought At A Time

First of all, you can only hold one thought in your mind at a time.

So if you’re thinking about all the greatest elements of the last sexy-time you had together, then you’re not thinking of any complaints, criticisms or other negative thinking.

There’s ONLY room for one thought at a time…

So choose wisely!


Every Thought Has An Immediate Impact

Second, every thought (including reliving memories) creates an immediate chemical reaction in your body. And those chemical reactions have significant physical and emotional impact.

Notice how if you momentarily are at risk of getting into a car accident, or even come close to hitting the car in front of you in a sudden stop, the hairs stand up on your arms. You get a prickly sensation up your arms; the impact is clearly palpable. Your stress goes up, and fight or flight is triggered. This is a prime example of how quickly and intensely these chemical reactions can be felt.

Those Chemical Reactions Have Physical & Emotional Impact

Memory Mimics The Actual

Third, when you relive a memory, your brain will literally mimic how it was when the actual occurrence happened. If you think about something, even if you are reliving a memory rather than having the experience, your brain copies the same chemical reactions and neural patterns as if it was actually happening. So this means that you get to experience it all over again.

Think about an unhappy experience, you will start to feel down. Start to think of something happy, your brain will fire the happiness neurons. Think of something sexy and start feeling sexy again. This is why “fake it until you make it” has some scientific reasoning to it.

Every time you take the time to reminisce about the sexy-time you had the day before, you’re recreating the experience for your body and brain and that includes your emotional experience too.


Relishing Leads To Repeating

Fourth, the more commonly you think about something, the more that neural pathway is strengthened, making you that much more likely to think that thought or feel that experience again.

So the day after you’ve gotten it on, try giving yourself, your beloved and your relationship the gift of a little reminiscing. Walk down memory lane and replay the marvelous melting you enjoyed the day before.

Relive it. Relish it. And let that lead to repeating it!

Replay That Marvelous Melting


Let It Ripple!

Plenty of science is pointing us towards how to maximize the power of our memories for our own enjoyable experience. But you don’t have to let it stop there.

Once you have relived the experience and relished in it on your own, let that juiciness and joy ripple out to your beloved as well.

Maybe before you leave the house for the day, whisper into your beloved’s ear one of your favorite moments from the experience.

Or send them a message during the day describing just how delightful you thought your intimate exchange was.

Go ahead – get specific. And if they’re into it, you might even be bold enough to get a little graphic too.

When you have the good fortune of great sex, appreciate it, relive it, relish it, let it ripple out into your relationship and into the rest of your day.

And with a little pep in your step, your ripple effect from repeat relishing in your recent past intimate adventures, you might even brighten the days of those around you too.

You can check out our past blog articles,”The Post-Play Off-Ramp” and “Romp Recap to the Rescue.”


Let’s play passion!


Your Partners in a P3 Relationship,

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