Sometimes Personalized Support is the Best Thing for Creating

Relationship RELIEF, RESET and RELAUNCH!

How’s it going in your relationship? Fantastic? Fine? Maybe a friggin’ mess?

Perhaps you’re loving it and checking out this page because you’re in the Good to Great or the Awesome to Epic relationship category and you want to ensure it stays as PLAYFUL, PEACE and PASSIONATE as possible.

Maybe you’re here because you’ve in the Paired Yet Perplexed or even the Matched Yet Miserable relationship category and you’ve hit a wall in your relationship. Maybe you’re confused as to how to move forward or even struggling with whether you should stay together at all.

No matter if you’re treading water to keep your head afloat in your relationship or if you’re floating in calm waters, our personalized coaching offerings have something for YOU in mind.

Featured Coaching Offering:
Shared Relationship Vision Personalized Retreat

Ready to Create an Inspiring Path Forward?

Yearning to Restore Connection? 

Needing to Vent First?

We Got You!

Focusing on what you WANT rather than going over and over what you DON’T WANT is what we’re all about at Relationship Fun & Games. Figuring out who is to blame is NOT helpful and actually hurts A LOT.

So our personalized coaching offerings START with an empowering map towards the relationship of your dreams with the Shared Relationship Vision Creation and Implementation offerings.

But we get it. Sometimes it takes things getting a little shitty to motivate us to DO SOMETHING, so you may not be quite ready for the FORWARD FOCUS just yet.

It may seem like icing on a crap-cake at this point!

Oftentimes by the time you get around to actually doing something CONCRETE about what you REALLY want in your relationship, there’s a lot of CLEANUP to do first, BEFORE you can more forward.

Maybe you’re feeling disconnected and even as if there are layers upon layers of distance between you.

Maybe you’re starving to be SEEN and HEARD and even EMPATHIZED with.

Or maybe there’s a particular issue that you just need some support to talk it through and not fly off the rails.

In that case, we take a step back do a Rift Residue Removal Session where we create an opportunity for you to both get CLEAR about what you want to say and also to be truly HEARD, (rather than getting a rebuttal, defence or deflection).

You’ll even be guided to move forward by co-creating specific REMEDIES that you’re BOTH inspired to turn into REALITIES.

Yet Maybe It’s Worse Than That…

Maybe you’re stuck in a place where there’s so many layers of hurt, that it’s not just one issue or one occasion to get past. Perhaps you’ve even gotten to the point where most everything you do pisses the other person off.

If you’re just still pissed after a particular argument and you need to dump to get the uglies out, but you’re afraid that you’ll say or do something you’ll REGRET, then we’ve got a Venting for Victory Session for you.

If it has gotten this dark in your relationship, just know…it’s OK! It’s not YOU. It’s not your relationship.

This is NOT Easy. Yet You CAN Do Something About It!

Invest your INTENTION, ATTENTION and ACTION into your relationship NOW before it demands it of you later – and often at the worst time possible!

Whether you’re finding your relationship in the category of Single and Seeking, Paired Yet Perplexed, Matched Yet Miserable, Good to Great or Awesome to Epic, it’s up to YOU to do something about it!

So look now and see what YOU’RE ready for next…

  • Are you ready for a Forward Focus? Shared Relationship Vision Creation!

  • Curious how to change the habitual culture of your relationship? Shared Relationship Vision Implementation!

  • Are you craving being able to clearly speak your mind and heart and have it truly heard and validated? Rift Residue Removal!

  • Do you need to vent and get the ugliness out? Vent for Victory!

  • Are you getting married and you want to envision vows that really wow you? Va-Va-Va-Vows Visioning!!

  • Are you in or starting a business partnership and want to bring some clarity and intention to the partnership? Purposeful Partnership Planning!!

You’re here on this website now, inspired to do SOMETHING about your relationship. Don’t let today’s effort be much ado about nothing. Lip service won’t get you a PLAYFUL, PEACEFUL, PASSIONATE, P3 Relationship. Set up a complimentary consultation NOW!

Your Personalized Coaching Options…

Shared Relationship Vision Creation

A 6-8 hour process to guide a couple through identifying the ideal relationship, seeing where their ideals align and building a map forward with a relationship mantra that declares who you are as a couple (so you can use that to AIM AT, rather than the more common way people “work” on relationship – focusing on what they don’t want, blaming and complaining) and clear relationship goals. This can be done either…

  • In a personalized retreat – Come get away to our beautiful home in the mountains of Santa Barbara! We do our sessions 10:00am to noon, and 3:00pm – 5:00pm so it’s designed for ENJOYING yourselves!

  • Can’t get away? Not a problem. Let’s get online over four, 60-90 min sessions. We’ll spread these sessions out over four weeks and you can do them in the comfort of your own home.

Shared Relationship Vision Implementation

Got you Shared Relationship Vision clear? Great! Let’s take that from a lofty ideal and make it a tangible reality with our 90 Day Shared Relationship Vision Implementation Game (12 weeks).

Get weekly support with 60-90 min video conference sessions – NOT to rehash the arguments of the week, but to realign with all you’re AIMING for. Matched with transformational coaching to move past any of the hurdles in getting there.

NOTE: Must complete the Shared Relationship Vision CREATION Program before doing the IMPLEMENTATION one.

Rift Residue Session

A 3 hour guided process to help a couple move past a specific stuck point.

When you’re “stuck in the muck”  and need some help out of the ditch your relationship has slipped (or crashed) into, this structured process will guide you through getting INTENTIONAL and CLEAR before you even start to speak AND make sure that both people feel truly HEARD, VALIDATED and EMPATHIZED with. Once you’ve each had a chance to speak and be heard, then we co-create a path forward that is empowering for you both.

NOTE: If it’s gotten really bad in your relationship, you might choose a Venting for Victory Session to get the gunk out with ME so you don’T DUMP it all over each other in a way that causes lasting damage. (See description below.)

Venting for Victory Session

When you’re so pissed (or numb) that you can’t follow the structured communication process in a Rift Reside Removal Session (above), then you might want to invest in a Venting for Victory Session. Let it out! Get the uglies out. Just don’t dump emotional vomit on each other. This offering is two one hour sessions, one with each individual with out your partner there so you can really let er’ rip without causing any lasting damage to the relationship.

Bonus Offerings:

Va-Va-Va-Vows Visioning

Get personalized and even playful support on creating vows that wow you now and woo you later. Set your marriage up so that your vows stay vibrantly visible and ongoingly expressed day after day, year after year.

This is for couples who want to have creating their vows be a special experience rather than an overwhelming task. It’s for couples who want their vows to be not only beautiful, but written to guide their day-to-day relationship. It’s about creating an intentional culture for your marriage to thrive in.

Whether you intimidated or inspired by writing your vows, this 3 hour personalized process will bring intention, authenticity and intimacy to this sacred act. Let your words become the divine declarations and tantalizing touchstones they can be.

Purposeful Partnership Planning

Relationship visions aren’t just for couples. They’re for business partners too! This important and delicate relationship can be nearly as challenging and impactful as a romantic relationship. In some cases, even more so! 

This process is a modified version of the Shared Relationship Vision Creation and is for business partners, (or potential business partners), who want to get intentional, clear, aligned and inspired around their relationship dynamic, roles and more.

It’s to help partners first get clear on the details of their personal vision. Then explore where their individual visions are, (or are not), aligned. Finally we create an inspiring shared vision that will guide the partnership dynamic and company culture in a way that minimizes misunderstandings and maximizes meaningful momentum.

We get it. It’s not easy to have a PLAYFUL, PEACEFUL and PASSIONATE relationship. Yet it is SIMPLE. And together, we can make it easier and even more ENJOYABLE than ever.

Don’t let another day go to waste putting up with a dull, distressed or even depressing relationship.

Fine is NOT fine! It’s a slippery slope to F’d up!

And YOU deserve WONDERFUL.

Life is TOO TOUGH to do alone, yet a crappy relationship is WAY worse than none at all. And while a wonderful relationship TAKES SOMETHING… Wonderful is SOOOOO WORTH it!

Wonderful IS worth it and so are YOU!

Your Partners in a P3 Relationship,

Love, Praise & High 5’s

“Gaby and Raj’s teaching style is so fun, and the most thorough I’ve ever experienced. They don’t stop at tips and pointers. They go deep into what makes an amazing partnership and how to avoid the stumbling blocks to getting there.”

Sarah & Sean – Portland, OR

“Revolutionary! The best thing we’ve ever done for our marriage. This was beautiful! My only regret is we waited this long.”

Marina & Nicky - San Francisco, CA

“Thank you to the moon and back. We had the most moving and loving time. Your guidance is smart, trustworthy, real and not too “woo woo.” We feel a HUGE weight off our shoulders and are excited by our relationship again.”

Lara & Michael – Los Angeles, CA

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