RFG Quick Tip Video Clip #1 – “The Problem is The Path”


Things Can Get Nasty

You’re in the thick of it. You’ve felt the tension building. Now suddenly it’s a free-for-all.

Triggers, reactions and emotions are flying high.

Maybe you even sink to resorting to the no-holds-barred manner of relating.

And it’s off the races to who is right, who’s wrong, who’s the victim or who’s the oppressor.

Things can get nasty, even ugly and you might end up digging a deep hole that’s really tough to dig your relationship out of.

It doesn’t have to be this way. REALLY.

Exploration & Practice

Now when I say exploration, I mean practicing these suggestions will take us (and hopefully you), to unknown territory. It’s an adventure, something new, unfamiliar AND likely full of pitfalls along the way.

Those “pitfalls” are PART of the journey.

As I like to say… “The Problem is the PATH.”

The point is to get PRO-ACTIVE. Take your complaints and get creative! Translate the complaint into a commitment, the “problem” into the path.

It may not always be easy or fun, again – WONDERFUL is SO WORTH IT!


The Problem is an Opportunity to Grow


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Let’s play passion!


Your Partners in a P3 Relationship,

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