Hear What People Are Saying About Us!

Raj and I know full well that we could rave about a P3 Playful, Peaceful,Passionate Relationship until the cows come home, still it might seems a little to pie in the sky to you. So don’t take it from us, check out the Love, Praise & High-5s that we’re getting.

  Thank you to the moon and back. We had the most moving and loving time. Your guidance is smart, trustworthy, real and not too “woo woo.” We feel a HUGE weight off our shoulders and are excited by our relationship again.

Michael & Lara – Los Angeles, CA

  Gaby and Raj’s teaching style is so fun, and the most thorough I’ve ever experienced. They don’t stop at tips and pointers. They go deep into what makes an amazing partnership and how to avoid the stumbling blocks to getting there.

Sarah & Sean – Portland, OR

  Most relationship work is heavy, dramatic and complaint focused, but with Gaby and Raj it’s refreshingly light, fun and focused on what we REALLY want. Gaby & Raj are deeply committed to, and uniquely talented at, helping couples consciously create a joyous, fun, sexy, vibrant relationship.

We have been working with them for over a year and we can’t say enough good things about their work. We can’t recommend them enough. But ONLY IF you want a relationship that just keeps getting better and better.

Jasmine & Tobin – Northampton, MA

  Gaby & Raj bring humor to resolving relationship conflicts. It takes the significance out of challenging situations which I’ve found to be very successful at quickly dissolving the conflict.

The way they bring fun and games to their relationship work offers a brand new perspective for relating that’s fresh, full of love and creates deep intimacy between the couples they work with.

Sacha & Scott – Toronto, Canada

  Gaby & Raj have tried and true systems that allow couples to get clear about what really matters to them and how to ACTUALLY CREATE a life around their values and goals. They have a super skill of drilling into what is really going on in your relationship, and to tell you the raw truth…but with love.

They have dialed in relationship tools that WORK and allow power couples to create a life together that is is playful, powerful and passionate.

Libby & Andy – Boulder, CO

  We love Gaby & Raj and are so thankful we found them! As coaches, they really do know how to help you find the fun, excitement and connection inside your relationship.

They share their brilliance in simple, compassionate ways that makes it easy to implement. Their work was integral to us finding our feet on the ground inside our marriage. If you want a delicious, fantastic relationship with your partner and haven’t worked with them yet — what are you waiting for?

Cher & Morgan – Hollywood, CA

  Gaby and Raj are a rare breed of coach because they have been through it all and have come out the other side more intimate and full of possibility and love every time.

I got so much out of their loving support: understanding, clarity, and specific recommendations of tools and tips to try. They are the real deal because of their devotion to both each other and their clients.

Eleanor & Ben – Marin, CA

  Even though we’ve worked with other therapists and coaches for 2 years, things got so bad Ali was convinced the relationship was over. Within days of contacting Gaby & Raj we had moved into a new deeper, resonance and our relationship has never been better.

Ali & Craig – Boulder, CO

  Gaby & Raj make the work of creating a great relationship almost as fun as the prize. How often does one run into couples who are competing with one another to see who “get’s over it” first?

Gaby & Raj do just that – neither is waiting for the other, they are both competing to bring love, humor and harmony back to their marriage the fastest. And they do all this with fun, joy and ease. Gaby and Raj bring unique and affective techniques that are sure to make a massive difference for any couple who encounters their work.

Ibrahim – Los Angeles, CA

  Gaby & Raj have literally transformed the way I feel about, think about and engage in relationships. They offer a unique, grounded approach to relationships that I have never experienced before.

They help you go deep when needed… and they keep you laughing when needed! They leave you feeling taken care of, loved and understood. Gaby and Raj are incredibly authentic, reliable and professional – a truly world class team of relationship experts that makes working on your relationship fun.

Derek – Toronto, Canada