It’s a P3 party! Enjoy a parade of articles, stories, updates and musings on all things Playful, Peaceful and Passionate in relationship. Read up on the most fun and useful tips for keeping the fights clean and the sex dirty and turning the relationship you have into the one you REALLY want.

The Hot & Bothered Back Seat Driver

Raj and I are all about taking a lighter approach to ending conflict and increasing intimacy.We know that bringing play to every part of our relationship, even our conflicts, has been the single quickest, most effective, always-have-it-on-you solution to any of our relationship unrest.

Mastering of Mini Seductions Makes for Some Mighty Fine Sexy Time

If you are like most couples, you likely have a full and busy life. A lot to think about, manage, juggle and stretch. Often by the time you get to bed, sex and intimacy might seem a million miles away. The “on ramp” to awesome sex might seem like a long arduous task rather than an easy-access experience you can truly enjoy.

Do More Than Honey Do…

This morning I got up to have a little time for myself. This is a new ritual that I have introduced into my life over the past three months and I LOVE IT! One of the things I did this morning with my time to myself was go to the hardware store and pick up a sealant ring for our non-functioning toilet. We have guests and needed to handle this like yesterday.

Our Dirty Little Secret

Raj and I are going to let you in on our dirty little secret.Sure, we are happier, having more play, peace and passion in our relationship than EVER, still, we had some pretty dark, tough, LONG days early on in our relationship.

Show Not Tell

I remember being told to Show Not Tell in my writing class in school. I never imagined it would apply to my sex life, yet it does!In the subject of “Keeping the Sex Dirty”, Show Not Tell is all about refraining from the temptation to just announce you want to have sex or to ask for it directly.

Admit It And Take Action

If you don’t admit that there is an area of your relationship that is calling out for attention, then you won’t take action.Why take action when there isn’t an issue in the first place?Well look around. How’s it going? Do you wish you fight less and had sex and fun more?

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