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Raj and I really STRUGGLED in the first few years of our relationship. It was not playful, peaceful or passionate. It was PAINFUL. There was a lot of conflict, drama, tears and even more than a few holes punched in the wall.

It was so rough that AT OUR ENGAGEMENT PARTY, a dear friend pulled us aside and said “Really? I don’t think you should do this. It looks pretty messy from here.”

And he was right! Our relationship WAS MESSY! I’d call it volatile, but the upsets were so common, they were predictable.

Still, we knew there was something there worth cleaning up rather than throwing it out.

Years later, that same friend was the one who came to us and insisted we start working in the relationship field to help couples do what we had done – Turn a highly problematic relationship into a highly pleasurable one.

So here we are! Hoping to help you have the most playful, peaceful, passionate (P3) relationship possible.

Most Of The Advice Out There Didn’t Truly Resonate


Unsatisfied With What’s Out There

Through a decade of research and experience we’ve learned a lot. Still we found that most of the relationship advice out there did not really resonate – too intellectual, too dry, too spiritual, or too general.

And most of it was not easy to apply in the day to day challenges we faced.

We wanted to make sure what we had to offer was humorous, provocative, engaging and most importantly, easy to apply when and where you need it most.


Critical Categorization for Easy Application

We set out to first find out where couples needed the most help and then organized our advice in a way that made it easy to remember and apply when and where you needed it most.

When we surveyed couples about their biggest challenges in relationship it came down to two common themes…

  • How to Keep the Fights Clean

  • How to Keep the Sex Dirty

Now all our tips, techniques and tool are organized into How to Keep the Fights Clean or How to Keep the Sex Dirty.

That way you can focus on the areas that impact or interest YOU the most.

Quickly we realized that there was another critical categorization that would make it simple for you to apply our top tips…

What you do before, as it starts, during or after a fight or sex.

General theories around relationship can be helpful, yet we found it’s the simple tips that can be applied to the specific areas where friction shows up that make the biggest impact.


Information vs Engagement

We also realized that the information age has left many both overwhelmed with too much information and underwhelmed by its’ ultimate impact.

If we were going to really reach couples and provide something they were excited to apply to their own circumstances, then we had to find another way than the traditional one-way “sage on the stage” kind of thing.

People have had enough of webinars where the “guru” is engrossed in their content and the “student” passively watches or at best is supposed to be a sponge and soak it all in.

Raj and I have created something that YOU can engage in, get YOUR questions answered and access the information that you can actually apply immediately in your own relationship.

Get Your Questions Answered.


Introducing FCSD TV!

We’ve launched Fights Clean, Sex Dirty TV (FCSD TV) as an 8 episode series.

Each week we will alternate looking at How to Keep the Fights Clean and then How to Keep the Sex Dirty as we go through all four stages to apply our advice – before, as it starts, during and after.

Raj and I have put together great content and awesome interviews to share, still it’s YOUR specific questions and concerns that we MOST want to address.

To make sure YOUR specific questions and concerns get addressed, HALF of each episode is set aside to engage with you LIVE to answer your most pressing relationship challenges.

No canned scripts. Just authentic engagement that addresses what matters most – what’s going on in YOUR relationship NOW.

Pick the topic that interest you the most (or come for all 8 episodes), bring your questions and let’s get to it so you can stop fighting and start flirting and bring play, peace and passion back!

Keep the Fights Clean & the Sex Dirty and Save Being Nasty For Your Sex Life!


Your Partners in a P3 Relationship,

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  1. Doug
    Doug says:

    Hello to both of you.

    I love your channel!

    Especially Susan Bratton.

    I am looking for the Alex Allman video.

    Is it still available somewhere?

    Thank you!

    Doug G


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