Ep 5: The Three Little Words Your Beloved Most Wants to Hear

Sex gets sexy (or goes south) WELL BEFORE the seduction even begins. If you invest a little intention, attention and action both early and often, the baby step actions will lead to a tidal wave impact.

Join us for this awesome episode on the topic of How to Keep the Sex Dirty – BEFORE, where we’re going to tell you the three little words that your beloved mosts wants to hear day to day that can lead to your best-eva roll in the hay later. (And it’s NOT “I love you!”)

Plus we’ll have the magnificent Mia Cara as our epic special guest. You know we prefer to interview couples so when you see a single, you KNOW it’s going to be great! She’s a master in energetics and specializes in “sensual restraint.”

She’s one of the classiest and most caring women you could ever meet and she’s got wonderful wisdom to share that will knock your socks off and curl your toes too!

Special Guest Bio:

Mia Cara is dedicated to helping couples interact in more loving and intimate ways. She has been teaching workshops and offering private sessions for couples and singles since 2010. While working with hundreds of couples during this time, she has had a front row seat to what it takes to create and maintain true energetic intimacy between partners and can guide couples into deeper embodied connection than they had access to before.

While she loves playing with rope, it’s truly the erotic intimacy, the dance of the masculine and feminine, and sensual polarity between two people that is her true passion. For her workshops, she prides herself on creating a sensual and safe environment where everyone feels welcome and comfortable, no matter what their experience. You can learn more at www.sensual restraint.com.

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