Ep 2: Bust Free of Being “Blamey-Shamey-Complainy!”

It’s the Season of Passion at #FightsCleanSexDirtyTV and this time it is ALL about looking at how to turn UP the passion when it comes to sexy-time, yet turn DOWN the passion when fiesty-fighting. Save the HEAT for the healthy-happy-hot-sex-life! And better yet, just head that argument off at the pass!

Can you feel it when the tension is rising and a fight is brewing? Or maybe the argument seems to come out of nowhere, then quickly blooms into a full blown argument? Whether you see it coming or not, you know when it STARTS.

Still – you can STOP that argument in its tracks, tame the tension and EVEN turn what WAS well on it’s way to upset and ultimately, separate-ness, into new levels of intimacy. There are MANY ways to avoid the “on-ramps to upsets.”

Join us LIVE as we’ll dive into the “Drama-Free-Diet” that will not only put an end to complaining, blaming and shaming, it will actually bring you CLOSER than you were before all the tension even started. PLUS get top tips from the young, yet wildly wise couple, Libby Payne & Andy Drish!

Special Guest Bio:

Andy & Libby are wise beyond their years and are on the cutting edge of everything from personal development, to business development, to the best parties. They’re adventurous, yet grounded. United, yet independent. Committed eternally, yet choosing one another daily. They have TOTAL acceptance and yet stretch each other to grow endlessly. And they have a marvelous way of being BOTH silly AND sacred.

Neither of them set out to fall in love at the age of 23 & 25. Yet when they did, they committed to building a partnership that would AMPLIFY their hopes & dreams as opposed to constraining them like the “old ball and chain” cliche. They’ve been all over the world studying more to answer one question, “How do we build a passionate partnership that fuels the creation of our dreams?” When they’re not geeking out about relationship dynamics, you’ll find Andy busy building companies like The Foundation and writing thought provoking articles. You’ll catch Libby practicing yoga, giving astrology readings and facilitating Authentic Relating events.