Ep. 1.8: Praise to the Power of the Post Orgasmic Chill

It’s not over, even when it’s over. Ride the wave of enjoyment all the way in – good to the very last drop. Join the recently married relationship expert Adam Gilad and his beautiful and brilliant bride Sandy as we talk about How to Keep the Sex Dirty: AFTER.

Adam and Sandy Bio Photo 2Special Guest Bio:Adam Gilad is a prolific author, speaker, screenwriter, film producer, mentor and coach. He lives to spark his readers, clients and audiences into creating a robust, daring and fearless life of love, adventure and nurturance. He teaches dating, intimacy and deep eros.

His wife Sandy is a Harvard graduate with a Masters in Education with specialization in behavior and risk and prevention in early education.

She is the co-founder of the Happy Couple Academy with Adam, and the author of “The Instant Switch,” available in November, 2015.

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