Ep. 1.7: How to Turn Every Breakdown Into a Breakthrough 

The cliche says love is like a hot coal that is constantly cooling until it’s nothing but ash, but what if it could keep getting better and better? Don’t just move past an argument, move forward! Get in on this awesome exploration of How to Keep the Fights Clean: AFTER with Bryan Franklin and Jennifer Russell.

Bryan___JenniferSpecial Guest Bio:  Jennifer and Bryan are partners in life, in love, and in business. They’ve led 20 years of impactful transformational events designed to liberate people from self-imposed limiting beliefs and the underlying assumptions that create what is possible incorporating the best of NLP, the human potential movement, family systems, collaborative systems, neuroscience, and sacred theater.

Together they have helped 7 companies scale to the billion dollar ark and thousands of entrepreneurs create 6, 7, and 8 figure businesses with a unique combination of business strategy and deeply transformative identity level work.

They work with couples to develop a deeper context for their relationship designed to leads both towards their own evolution.  They are a stand for relationships that have a ‘both / and’ rather than an ‘either / or’ relationship to Freedom and Devotion.   When they first came together they didn’t know how to do relationship right after having each experienced the more typical patterns most of us call relating.  Given their dedication to growth and desire to become extraordinary lovers they decided deliberately to build what they call an evolutionary partnership brick by brick developing powerful models and distinctions along the way.

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