How to Keep the Fights Clean & the Sex Dirty

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Ep 1.2, “How to Create Easy Access to Awesome Intimacy”

Set your relationship up for some super satisfying sexy time with our second episode and first interview on Fights Clean, Sex Dirty TV!

Check out all the creative content and awesome interview with the brilliant and beloved Amber & Nathan Otto as we discuss How to Keep the Sex Dirty – BEFORE.

Find out how to create easy on-ramps to intimacy in your day-to-day interactions so you keep the coals hot and the passion present.

And get YOUR questions answered LIVE!

Don’t be embarrassed about how long it’s been since you two got it on. Get engaged about getting your groove back!

AmberNathan_Ep 2Special Guest Bio: Nathan Charles is a thought leader, author, and consultant. His focus is on leadership and healthy masculine expression. His latest program is with Alex Allman called “How to Man”. He has built and sold two companies.

Amber Lupton is a changemaker, author and workshop facilitator. She has facilitated workshops internationally and in the U.S. from 2003 to 2013.

Together Amber & Nathan wrote the book Give Peace A Deadline that promoted a five year push for peace with over 5000 organizations. They created the Discipline of Love couples weekend that promoted healthy couples as the cornerstones of community and change.

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