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Ep 9.7: “5 After Argument Exercises to Uplevel Intimacy”

The easiest trail to tread after a fight would of course be to move on and forget about it – NOT! Once the steam has dissipated, it’s worth talking about those unmet needs and wants that actually sparked the flame in the first place.

Don’t just move PAST an argument, move FORWARD! Get in on this intimate exploration of what to do AFTER getting in on to bring you even closer together (and have the sexy-time just keep getting sexier and sexier!)

Join Sarah Liz Reynoso as we explore How to Keep the Fights Clean, AFTER: “5 After Argument Exercises to Uplevel Intimacy”.

Special Guests Bio: Sarah Reynoso is a Leadership & Empowerment Life Coach who specializes in coaching men, women, and organizational leaders in Confidence, Attraction, and Leadership.

She is the creator of her signature Ignite Coaching Series which is designed to ignite leadership within individuals in the areas of health, personal identity, and relationships.

Also a certified Health Coach and Personal Trainer, she weaves health and fitness into all her coaching programs as she believes health is the foundation to amplifying leadership and creating results in one’s life.

Sarah’s educational and professional background includes a B.A. in Communication Studies and Psychology, along with an M.A. in Human Resources Management and Organizational Leadership. She is currently a Human Resources Manager and Leadership Trainer for a corporation transitioning into full-time coaching and professional speaking.

To find out more about Sarah, follow her on Instagram: @sarahlizreynoso; and Facebook where she hosts a weekly Facebook Live show called “Real Reflection – Real Talk, Real Issues, Real People”.

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