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Ep 9.6: “How to Use Pace, Timing and Your Spidey Senses to Satiate Sexy Desires”

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If you’re feeling bored, disconnected, frustrated or suppressed in your sexlife or even if you just want to rev it up a bit, don’t miss this episode.

If sex has become just one more thing on your to do list and you want more attraction, intimacy and excitement, then join us as we explore what to do in the throws of passion to push pause on the predictable and play with pushing the edges a bit.

Don’t let the hot coals of passion cool, turn to ash and disappear. You CAN fuel the fire, keep those coals glowing and ensure that your sex-life just keeps getting better and better.

Join us at Fights Clean Sex Dirty TV with our special guest Ken Blackman as we dive into “How to Use Pace, Timing and Your Spidey Senses to Satiate Sexy Desires”.

Ken Blackman takes a “Chez Panisse” approach to sex. Just as the dining experience of a lifetime can be made from simple, fresh ingredients expertly prepared, the best lovemaking doesn’t come from expensive gadgets, exotic locales, secret ninja techniques or olympic athleticism. Any couple can experience profound intimate connection in the bedroom consistently by focusing on the most simple ingredients, such as understanding how to pleasure each other’s bodies, good communication, and exquisite pacing.

Couples working with Ken quickly surpass their own expectations and even their most optimistic wishes about what might be possible for them. But the real litmus test for Ken is what their love life looks like 5, 10, 20 years after they’ve worked with him. His aim is to give his clients the tools to have an intimate life together that continues to improve with each passing year.

Check out Ken’s Medium publication Powerful Woman Confident Man

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