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Ep 9.5: “6 Top Tips for De-Escalating A Dispute”

Arguments can range from annoying to intense and even beyond that. Being able to end any upset, right in the middle of it, is a ninja relationship tool we could all use ongoing education in.

Learn to embrace the opportunities in your arguments and pivot out of upset and into intimacy. We’ll dive into feelings vs facts, how to get below the surface and even how to get ahead of it all in the first place.

Join our awesome interviewees Brenda and Chris as we explore “How to Keep the Fights Clean: DURING – 6 Top Tips for De-Escalating a Dispute”.

Special Guests Bio: Born in South Korea, Brenda grew up in Minnesota. She moved to NYC to pursue acting but found a passion for clothing design and personal styling. She has a daughter from a previous relationship, and now resides happily with her love, Chris.

Chris Wink is a native New Yorker who thrives in the world of theater arts and is making a transition to the world of television. He has two kids from a previous marriage and is enjoying a loving relationship with Brenda.

Brenda & Chris have been together for almost 2 years (Anniversary is in October). They are inspired by sunsets, theater, burning man, dancing, friends, nature, music, each other, sunrises, percussion, creating together, discussing ideas, listening to each other, traveling, meeting new people, having life experiences together.

They also love seeing broadway shows and concerts together, try new cuisines, and gather friends and family at home.

They are unstoppable in their commitment to each other. According to Chris, “I think in a more general sense our ‘life force’ makes us unstoppable”. “We keep a beginner’s mind, we make an effort to listen to each other with fresh ears and look at each other with fresh eyes,” Brenda added.

The couple is known for their fun costumes, joie de vivre, silliness, sense of humor, creativity, and they always add energy to events. Brenda & Chris are also great hosts, and they enjoy getting friends together.

Their relationship motto is, “Keep learning and growing as a couple and as individuals, keep deepening the connection.”

Currently, they live together with Brenda’s daughter and have Chris’s kids as much as they can in NYC where they love to staycay.

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