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Ep 9.4: “5 Games to Play to Create Authentic Sexy Connection”

After being in a relationship for a while, couples sometimes default to being more functional and less flirty with each other. The on-ramps to intimacy can get arduous. Creating an authentic connection can be challenging enough let alone translating that into an actual sexy interlude!

Find out your and your beloved’s Flavor of Desire and how to speak the same sexual language. Come learn how to turn the messiness of relationship into some sexiness. Plus you’ll learn how to bring some lightness and fun to exploring your edges in intimacy.

Join us as we explore How to Keep the Sex Dirty: AS IT STARTS with Tantra teacher Leslie Grace in Episode 9.4 “5 Games to Play to Create Authentic Sexy Connection”

As a Tantric Sex & Intimacy Coach, Leslie works interactively with men, women, and couples, empowering them to discover their radiant confidence, smoldering sensuality, and to explore the deep, delicious dimensions of their sexual nature they may have only dreamed of. A modern-day sexual healer and muse, Leslie invites her clients into a unique, experiential and often quite intimate connection that evokes the fullness of one’s erotic potential. She is deeply devoted to helping men and woman liberate their sexual energy and align themselves with love in order to be the most powerful force of change on the planet they can be! 

Leslie together with partner, Matt Sturm, is the founder of Ritual Tantra, a Bay Area-based group where they’ve taught thousands of people to revolutionize their lovemaking through Tantra. These two beloveds were divinely inspired to walk the path of Tantra together first in romantic partnership and now as soul friends and co-conspirators of magic and beauty in the lives of those they touch. They’re passionate about sharing their unique approach to intimacy that begins with a feeling of trust and safety so you can open into the mystery of relating. Having studied Tantra, sacred sexuality, yoga, medicine work and psychotherapy around the globe, they weave together East and West to craft an experience that’s powerful, simple, and that any couple can use to bring about deep transformation both individually and in union with each other.

You can find more about Leslie at Leslie Grace Tantra and Ritual Tantra

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