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Ep 8.7: “How to Heal After a Hurtful Argument”

“OK so THAT wasn’t so great. You got upset. You argued. You might have even gotten inches from getting ugly even. Still – you somehow managed to pull out of it and put an end to the fight. Not easy, yet you got through it.

NOW WHAT? Just put it behind you and move on?

Don’t just move on, move FORWARD. Fights don’t have to be a fiasco. You CAN turn an argument into intimacy and a breakdown into a breakthrough, but how? Join Raj & I with our awesome interviewees, Ashley and Mike Bledsoe as we swap our top tips on How to Keep the Fights Clean – AFTER, “How to Heal After a Hurtful Argument.”

Special Guests Bio: Ashley & Mike Bledsoe not only have the #1 podcast in fitness with Barbell Shrugged, they have a first rate relationship too. They work together, workout together, and weave their dreams into a reality all along the way. Their love and sense of play is palpable. 

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