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Ep 8.5: “Ditch the Dispute and Dive Into Delight”

We are LIVE NOW with the latest episode of Fights Clean, Sex Dirty TV

Tired of the tension, bickering or even outright fighting? Had enough of being exhausted by repetitive upsets? Do you wake up frustrated by our relationship before you even get the day started? Maybe you’re even at the end of your rope by this point. Stop the suffering!

Stop trying to use logic or loud voices to resolve conflict.

When you’re in an argument and in the heat of it, LOGIC, REASON & PROBLEM SOLVING won’t do you very much good AT ALL. They can even be like gasoline to a fire – EXPLOSIVE! In a split second, it can be off-to-the-races and pretty quickly DEVOLVE into ugly rants that go no where or worse, FAST.

You can either get triggered, go ROUND & ROUND over “REASONS”, trying to resolve an issue, and getting not only nowhere, but FURTHER from where you want to be…


You can check out our quick, easy-access tips and techniques to tame triggers and ditch the dispute and dive in an instant delight. Enjoy a new level of trust, intimacy, and joy unknown before. Jump on it with Mariana Grace and Dmitriy Kozlov as we explore How to Keep the Fights Clean – DURING, “Ditch the Dispute and Dive Into Delight”. 

Special Guests Bio: Mariana and Dmitriy fell in love (almost) instantly at Burning Man in August 2017, after which they moved in together right away and started their fairy tale adventure of evolutionary love. Both deeply devoted to growth and service, their relationship is a container for each of their greatest evolution and a place for each of them to experience more joy and love in life together.When others see and experience their love, or hear their story, they are often inspired, saying “Wow that really gives me hope! That’s the kind of love I want” — and some have even attracted it into their lives shortly after. Mariana and Dmitriy live and love to inspire others and serve the world through their love. 

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Mariana Grace is a mystic, passionate soul, expansion seeker and inner growth activist that appreciates and is inspired by all forms of artistry and beauty.

Born in Moldova, raised in Italy, educated in France and US she speaks six languages and is passionate about travelling the world, expanding human consciousness and personal growth. Mariana is devoted to spreading the seeds of higher consciousness in the world.

In her career as a Mind Architect she helps entrepreneurs to get rid of inner blocks that stop them from reaching what they want, through subconscious mind reprogramming using Hypnosis, NLP and Intuitive Coaching.

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Dmitriy Kozlov is a serial entrepreneur and spoken word artist. His mission is to accelerate the evolution of love through inspiring and empowering influencers. He expresses this mission through his poetry and his ventures as the Co-founder of Influex, Vision Teach Team and Maverick NEXT, where he helps entrepreneurs express their essence with greater profits and impact.

Born in Russia and raised in United States, he’s been all around the world and now lives in his heart-home in the San Diego area.

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