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Ep 8.4: “Avoiding Aversion & Inviting Arousal”

Stale, predictable and even boring are the most common words you hear from couples describing their sexual hurdles. Keeping it fresh, fun and flirty is a VERY good idea for any couple. Are you ready for some super satisfying seduction tips? Learn what a little focus on timing, temptation and teasing can do for YOUR relationship.

Join us for this exploration of the many ways in which you can excite the senses and desires of your beloved in order to keep your sexy-time relationship healthy, happy and HOT! Jump on it with AASECT-Certified Sex Therapist, Kimberly Resnick Anderson as we explore How to Keep the Sex Dirty – AS IT STARTS, “Avoiding Aversion & Inviting Arousal.”

Special Guests Bio: Kimberly Resnick Anderson, LCSW, is an AASECT-Certified Sex Therapist who has been helping individuals and couples achieve optimal sexual health and satisfaction for 25 years. She is an assistant professor of psychiatry at UCLA David Geffen School of Medicine, where she teaches young physicians how to comfortably discuss sexual material with patients. She is a contributing expert for,, and, among dozens of other publications. She is an international speaker and is commonly invited to share her authoritative voice on all things sexual on podcasts, newscasts, tv and radio. She was a consultant and featured expert on TLC’s Strange Sex series for three seasons. She is a champion of sex positivity and is committed to destigmatizing sexual differences.

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