Sarah & Sean – Portland, OR

❝ Gaby and Raj’s teaching style is so fun, and the most thorough I’ve ever experienced. They don’t stop at tips and pointers. They go deep into what makes an amazing partnership and how to avoid the stumbling blocks to getting there.

Jasmine & Tobin – Northampton, MA

❝ Most relationship work is heavy, dramatic and complaint focused, but with Gaby and Raj it’s refreshingly light, fun and focused on what we REALLY want. Gaby & Raj are deeply committed to, and uniquely talented at, helping couples consciously create a joyous, fun, sexy, vibrant relationship.

Michael & Lara – Los Angeles, CA

❝ Thank you to the moon and back. We had the most moving and loving time. Your guidance is smart, trustworthy, real and not too “woo woo.” We feel a HUGE weight off our shoulders and are excited by our relationship again.

Ep 8.1: “Nip Negativity in the Bud BEFORE it Blows Up In Your Face”

Your relationship HABITS will dictate your relationship HAPPINESS so join us as we explore How to Keep the Fights Clean: BEFORE “Nip Negativity in the Bud BEFORE it Blows Up In Your Face” with the always inspiring and wildly talented Jamee & James Kyson (Bios below).

Find out how brain science impacts your relationship day-to-day and how to handle the unavoidable “insults” to your intimacy. You’ll also hear about 4 SIMPLE (and FREE), things YOU can do to stack the cards in your relationship’s favor. Plus you’ll get a full proof tip for what you can do to create a relationship CULTURE where you can instantly end any needless negativity. 

If you want to a few quick quality tips on ending an argument BEFORE it even has a chance to get started, then don’t miss this interview!

Special Guests Bio: What do you get when you mix a world-class actor/adrenaline junky with a singing neuroscientist? You get  James & Jamee Kyson – a spunky, eclectic couple who gets high on self-development, learning, and fun. Best known for his role as “Ando” on NBC’s Heroes, James is a prolific actor, appearing on TV shows such as preacher, elementary, and justified. Dr. Jamee Kyson is an award-winning neuroscientist who is both an advocate for plant-based medicines and a singer-songwriter. Together, James and Jamee combine their knowledge of acting, science, and music to create innovative tools for healthy relationships. To learn more about James & Jamee, go to

 James Kyson has always been driven by his curiosity to learn, and a desire to discover. Born to South Korean Parents and growing up in New York City, he spent most of young years exploring biographies and fables from different cultures, and playing sports. After receiving education at Bronx H.S. of Science, Boston University and New England Institute of the Arts, his easy going attitude with an affinity for risk and adventure, set him off on a journey to LA with a single suitcase and an one-way ticket.

After honing his craft in theater, music, and dance, his first television audition in 2003 landed him his first small-screen gig on CBS’s J.A.G. The following years, James, voted by TV Guide as “Hollywood’s 25 Hottest”, continued to work in television and film; Hawaii 5-0, NCIS: LA, HBO’s Animals, FX Justified, just to name a few. Other televisions credits include appearances on CSI, The West Wing, Heist, Threat Matrix, All About the Andersons and most notably playing super sidekick “Ando Masahashi” on NBC’s Emmy-Nominated ensemble series smash hit, Heroes.

James is a versatile and diverse actor for the ages. From playing mixed martial artist “Sun” in Banana Season, comic-relief best friend “Kal” in romantic comedy Another Time, investigative journalist “Pierce Lawrence” in the thriller The Livingston Gardener, to real-life musician “Tim K” in White on Rice, and Sci-Fi Galactic Cowboy “Lt. Bobby Takashima” in Nobility, James shows he’s both a performer and a transformer.

When not acting, you can find James creating conscious media with his wife, Jamee, traveling the world, attending spiritual festivals, running Half-Marathons, playing piano and guitar, playing basketball and involved in various charities and philanthropic campaigns.

Jamee Kyson, is a trained neuroscientist/singer who has 14 years experience in biomedical research, including 11 years studying Autism Spectrum Disorders at UCLA. Jamee obtained her Ph.D. from UCLA in 2013, where she received the Eva Mary Kavan Prize for Excellence in Research on the Brain and a multi-year government grant to conduct her studies. Jamee’s research has been published in top journals, including Nature, The American Journal of Human Genetics, Nature Genetics, and a recent 2015 first-author Neuron publication. Jamee graduated summa cum laude from the University of Michigan where she helped discover the gene mutated in Cayman Ataxia, a rare recessive ataxia present in the Cayman Islands. 

Recently, Jamee has moved her professional focus to writing and performing music and to advocating wholistic, plant-based solutions for optimal health as a wellness advocate at doTERRA. As a musician, Jamee has a range of musical experience from A Cappella groups to gospel choirs to acoustic bands. She was a member of the University of Michigan’s acappella group, Gimble, with a featured solo on their debut album “King Sized Bed.” Jamee was the lead singer for UCLA’s Rock Stars for Kids, a charity rock band that performed for children in need and was featured in a Junior Blind for America show, which included Stevie Wonder. Over the last few years, she has focused on acoustic music, singing in the bands “Beachside”, “Indigo River”, and has most currently teamed up with the accomplished singer-songwriter Mad Gallica to create the duo, “Pleasure Molecule.” Jamee has twice performed at Santa Barbara’s Lucidity Festival, the Los Angeles Life Changes Radio Show, and various Los Angeles venues. Jamee has recently launched her solo career as a soul-acoustic artist, “Jamae,” with her debut EP launched on September 19th, 2016. This project won her the Akademia Music Award for Best R&B / Soul EP for her debut EP, ‘Fly’. Jamee just completed filming for her first music video for her single, “Candle,” which helps raise awareness for domestic violence.

Jamee believes that both music and plant-based medicines can have immediate and lasting effects that can facilitate happy and abundant living, creating real change in the world. To learn more about Jamee, visit to

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