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Ep 7.8: “The Pleasure and Power of “Post-Play”

The deed is “done”, but IS IT? Not at all! Ride that wave of romance and passion ALL the way to shore and you’ll intensify your intimacy in the bedroom and WELL BEYOND.

This juicy, passionate, connected, yummy, loving space you just co-created is ENERGY and GOODWILL you can extend to cause a RIPPLE EFFECT that can travel OUT of the bedroom and INTO your day-to-day lives.

Join us as we explore How to Keep the SexDirty – AFTER with Ria Bloom and Kenny Benavides.

Special Guests Bio: Ria Bloom is a Sex Educator, Tantra Teacher, and Relationship Coach. She is committed to transformational practices and facilitates greater connection between people with a focus on body awareness. Ria earned her M.A. in Social-Organizational Psychology from Columbia University and founded her private coaching practice, Awakening Animal. Ria is apprentice faculty at the International School of Temple Arts (ISTA) and began her journey in the deep jungles of Hawaii where she found immediate resonance and a true calling to raise sexual consciousness across the globe. She is born and raised in Japan, to a Japanese Buddhist father and Jewish American mother. She has straddled multiple worlds and dimensions from a young age. Ria is the author of an online web comic series “Welcome to my Riality,” and currently resides with her beloved Kenny in DC.

Kenny Benavides is a serial entrepreneur and co-founder of the software startup RestaurantZone. He earned his M.A. in Social-Organizational Psychology from Columbia University. He is currently the Director of Marketing & Sales at Awakening Animal. His robust background in personal development allows him to coach clients through transformational work. Kenny enjoys investing, traveling the world and learning about sacred sexuality with his beloved Ria.

Tantric energy activated the moment Ria and Kenny first touched. Together for over a year, they’re inspired by growth, vulnerability, and connection. They’re known for raising sexual consciousness across the globe. They live together in Washington DC where they love to throw tantra workshops and community events.

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