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Ep 7.4: “How to Set the Stage for Best-Eva-Sexy-Time”

Seduction is a topic that often focuses on the EARLY days of a budding relationship, but after being with each other for a while, years, even decades, seduction becomes even MORE important not less.

Why not bring some wonder to what would actually work to REALLY woo your partner? It’s time to up your seduction game. As Emirl says…“Baaam! Kick it up a notch!

“Set Yourselves Up for Sexiness” by joining Dr. HazelGrace Yates where you can get your questions answered LIVE while they share their sexy secrets about How to Keep the Sex Dirty – AS IT STARTS.

A little forethought can lead to a fabulous sex life.

Special Guests Bio: Dr. HazelGrace Yates is committed to a world free of sexual shame. Her work focuses on healing between genders, our collective wounds around sexuality and exalting pleasure. HazelGrace travels the country skillfully guiding groups, individuals and couples to venture boldly into the unknown territory of sexual liberation to become their most radiant selves, in the bedroom and beyond. HazelGrace’s inspiration comes from her courage of transforming her personal history of sexual abuse, shame, and guilt to her liberating sexual awakening. With more than 12 years experience as a pioneering educator, HazelGrace brings a unique blend of professional know-how, playful curiosity, authentic communication and personal vulnerability to her practice. She has a doctorate in human sexuality, masters in education, and is a certified Somatic Sex Educator, Certified Sex Coach, Trauma Informed Somatic Practitioner. To learn more, go to


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