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Ep 7.3: “How to Manage Moodiness & Meltdowns “

It takes no effort at all to get into an argument. It DOES take effort to avert them.

Do you get hooked into your beloved’s bad moods? Does an off comment quickly devolve into emotional Ping Pong in your relationship? Do you CRINGE or snap “I Was JUST About To Do It!”, when your beloved asks you to do something that you were JUST about to do?

You can make a mountain out of a molehill or a molehill out of a mountain. Your choice.

If you want to know “How to Avoid Argument On-Ramps”, join one of the funnest couples you will ever meet, Jamie Thompson & Clara Zahorsky while we talk about how to take it down a notch and turn those Friction Factors into Peace Practices including “Great Minds Think Alike”, “Do Overs”, “Catch Me If You Can”, “The Teflon Suit” and more.

Special Guests Bio: Jamie Thompson is a Relationship & Intimacy Coach. She specializes in working with entrepreneurial minded, visionary couples who want their relationship to support and inspire what they are up to in life. She guides couples with discovering their unique erotic ‘Desire Maps’ using several unique communication tools, both verbal and non-verbal. Clients find every delicious edge is allowed on the table and is a potential dish to be served for dinner…or dessert. With Jamie’s methods, one being ‘Embodied Movement Repatterining’, people quickly get out of their head and into their body, experiencing connection in a raw, truthful way. She’s found if you can move in a new way together, your relationship shifts experientially, and much faster than your mind can do alone. She would love to connect with you, her website is and Facebook is

Clara Zahorsky is a vocal awakening coach, songwriter, music producer and bodyworker. She channels sacred light codes through vocal toning that come directly from the akashic field with the intent of rewiring self and others at the cellular level. She utilizes a synthesis of shamanic practices, embodied personal experience, and classical training in music and voice to help her clients awaken their own voice and feel empowered to move forward with their authentic life mission. The seed of intent beneath all of her work is to be an engaged participant in co-creating an experience of the human condition that moves in harmony with nature and the highest good of the earth. She would love to be in touch and hear from you and can be reached at or

Clara and Jamie’s relationship has been a 2 year odyssey of weird adventure and an explosion of growth. Their core values are authentic communication, support of one another’s highest vision, and an openness to discovering fun and alternative ways of relating. They are currently exploring Colorado with their dog Max aka “Shaman Dog”.

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