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Ep 7.1: Get READY to Rumble! What To Do BEFORE a Fight Starts So That It Never Actually Does

IF you are WILLING to INVEST your energy into your relationship BEFORE a fight, rather than unwillingly having your energy getting drained from you DURING a fight, then you can DRAMATICALLY reduce the wet-blanket-weight of any repetitive or soul-numbing conflicts that arise.

Join Raj and I for the first episode of of the season as we dish about common Friction Factors and the Peace Practices that can reduce or even retire that negative influence on your relationship.

The topic is How to Keep the Fights Clean – BEFORE and the point is to get PRO-ACTIVE and be ahead of the game actions so you can Avoid Repeat, Ugly or Long-lasting Arguments Take your complaints and get creative! Translate the complaint into a commitment, the “problem” into the path.

If you’re fed up with Friction Factors, there IS a way out – Join us for some PEACE PRACTICES!

Special Guests Bio: Kathryn Roper has committed her life to creatively solving environmental, economic, and interpersonal challenges in the world through marrying the healing and non-profit sectors. She currently manages a cutting edge leadership development program for promising undergraduate change makers at a respected university. She evokes the most vulnerable passions of her students, transmutes that fire into clear vision, hones their capacity to turn dreams into realities, and delivers transformational techniques and trainings to support courageous conversations and collaborative action. In life, as in love, she is committed to embodying these values and showing up to the challenges of life that matter most.

Joshua Hathaway, MA, is a transformational trainer, coach and speaker. After teaching NonViolent Communication for over a decade, coaching and counseling hundreds of individuals and couples toward their greatness, Joshua has spent the last two years distilling a whole new NoBS approach to the principles of authentic connection (including three months coaching and training hundreds of Zappos employees in NoBS communication). He is thrilled to be transmitting the relationship and collaboration skills and insights he’s gained to a larger audience through live weekend Bullsh!Proof Immersion programs and online NoBS Communication training. To learn more about Joshua, visit or his Facebook page.

Two years into the most exquisite Love either of them have ever known, Katie and Joshua are still blessed with incredible chemistry and almost daily tearful appreciation for the gifts they bring to each other’s life. Their shared passion for adventure takes them all over the world to climb picturesque mountains, jump into frigid underground pools, and surf wild waves of authentic conflict and vulnerable honesty together, all while supporting each other’s blossoming careers. They live in a small co-housing community in coastal CA that includes someone else’s beautiful baby boy and two feral cats who are slowly discovering the wonders of being stroked.

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