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Ep. 6.8, Sex Dirty – AFTER:  “Orgasm Doesn’t Equal Over”

The deed is “done”, but IS IT really? Not at all!

Don’t leave all that extra pleasure and joy on the table. There’s so much more available than what’s on the surface.

That juicy, passionate, connected, yummy, loving space you just co-created is ENERGY and GOODWILL you can extend to cause a RIPPLE EFFECT that can travel OUT of the bedroom and INTO your day-to-day lives

Take a closer look and discover new ways to scoop up all that yummy post orgasmic energy, good times and goodwill. This will ensure that you just keep getting closer and closer, and that the sexy-time just keeps getting better and better.

Join Raj & I, plus our special guests Alain Torres and his lovely wife, Dr. Xochitl Torres as we swap our top tips, tools and techniques on How to Keep the Sex Dirty – AFTER: “Orgasm Doesn’t Equal Over”.

Special Guests Bio: International bestselling author Alain Torres empowers world-renowned power couples – the alpha leaders, big picture thinkers, and spiritual truth seekers – to finally move beyond their power struggles so they can get out of their own way and be the powerful leader they’re meant to be within their business, personal, and intimate relationships. Alain has been seen on Entrepreneur, FOX, ABC, NBC, CBS.

As Your Holistic Advocate, Dr. Xochitl Torres empowers high-achieving entrepreneurs to take back control of their health in a way that creates flow and brings masculine and feminine balance into the home. With her background in clinical pharmacy and world-wide publications for her research in cancer and immunology, she offers a unique perspective bridging the gap between western and alternative medicine – training these power players and their family to live optimally through a holistic and natural lifestyle.

Alain and Xochitl empower world-renowned power couples and their families – the leader icons, media personalities, and health conscious with the map to create balance within their mental and emotional, as well as their physical and spiritual bodies.

Their message to these high-performers who constantly need to be “on” is the need to maintain an open mind capable of clearly seeing all the possibilities, while operating from optimal health to quickly move through any physical stressor or health concern.

In an effort to deeply impact humanity, reach their highest potential, and leave a legacy, Alain and Xochitl, advocate a mindful awareness fully integrated into modern society – where they’re capable of easily leveraging their obstacles into opportunities and operating as the ultimate team.

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