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Ep. 6.6, Sex Dirty – DURING: ” A Path to Broadening Pleasure Boundaries”

Don’t believe the cliches. Passion doesn’t have to fade! You absolutely CAN deepen your lovemaking connection, intimacy, and expand your “Pleasure Boundaries.” Best-Eva-Sexy-Time (B.E.S.T.), is NOT behind you!

Even if you’re decades into a relationship, “B.E.S.T” IS possible! And we’re going to make it even more probable by showing you some simple tips to broaden your Pleasure Boundaries.

Don’t let the hot coals of passion cool, turn to ash and disappear. You CAN fuel the fire, keep those coals glowing and ensure that your sex-life just keeps getting better and better.

If you want to stretch yours and your beloved’s Pleasure Boundaries and discover new ways to YES each other’s desires, then you won’t want to miss this episode.

Join Raj & I, plus our special guest Philippe Lewis where we will dive into How to Keep the Sex Dirty – DURING: “A Path to Broadening Pleasure Boundaries.”

Special Guests Bio: Philippe Lewis is a Love Coach, Certified Sexological Bodyworker, Trained Somatica Practitioner, and Epic Event Producer. For the last 18 years, he has been exploring love, relationships, intimacy, sensuality and sexuality with individuals and communities through teaching, writing, coaching and events with the goal of growing men and women into better lovers and better humans. He is a father, a lover, a partner, a husband, a teacher, a producer, a writer, a social artist, a coach, a counselor, and much more. He has a deep appreciation for people and life, and his deepest wish is to leave everyone a little bit better and a little bit more delighted wherever he goes.

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