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Ep. 6.4, Keep the Sex Dirty – AS IT STARTS: “Super Satisfying Seduction Made Simple”

Are you ready for some super satisfying seduction tips?

One of the most common complaints around a lack of satisfying sexy-time is that it gets stale, predictable, and even boring. Yuck!

Even if your sexy-time life is far from boring, keeping it fresh, fun and flirty is a VERY good idea. Only good things can come of it!

Join us for this exploration of the many ways in which you can excite the senses and desires of your beloved in order to keep your sexy-time relationship healthy, happy and HOT!

Check out our Top Tips on “Simple Steps to Super Satisfying Seduction” along with all the wonderful wisdom of our special guests Diana Fleischmann and Paul Cooper

Special Guests Bio: Paul Cooper spent his first 8 years in Rwanda witnessing tribal dynamics and learning to communicate energetically, without a shared language.  That chapter came to an end when his family’s car crashed, killing his father instantly and badly injuring his mother and brothers.  This trauma catalyzed an awakening experience which powerfully shaped his human experience, and his subsequent journey gave him a unique perspective on relational dynamics which he draws from in his coaching practice.  As his formative years shaped a vision for tribal collaboration within the context of business culture, he is now the Visionary and Co-Founder of Transformation Agency, where he and his team support transformational leaders in birthing their visions into reality. To find out more, visit

Diana Fleischmann was born in England and moved to the United States when she was 5.  She earned her Bachelors in Psychology, Family Studies, and Women’s Studies, while studying in 11 countries, on 6 continents, and then spent the rest of her twenties traveling and working abroad.  When her mother became gravely ill, she returned to the US to look after her until, heartbreakingly, she died a year later.  This loss catalyzed her spiritual journey and illuminated her path so she went on to earn her Masters in Transpersonal Counseling Psychology at Naropa University, a cutting-edge psychology program blending the knowledge of Western science with the wisdom of Eastern spirituality.  She draws from this in her coaching practice and is a Co-Founder of Transformation Agency. To learn more about Diana, visit

Paul and Diana connected in Boulder, Colorado in 2015, two weeks before Diana was to move to Hawaii.  She felt compelled to approach him and they dove deeply into the vortex of their relationship, with Diana essentially moving in on their second date.  Their relationship has been a powerful container for personal transformation and relational growth, and they support others in learning to navigate relationship and life from a paradigm of freedom, rather than the conditioned paradigm of control.  They also Co-Founded Transformation Agency with four other people, and have been immersed in creating an experimental business model that supports the evolution of human consciousness, while catalyzing the evolution of each team member, in service of their shared vision for humanity.  Find out more at

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