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Ep. 6.3, Keep the Fights Clean – AS IT STARTS: “How To Avoid Arguments Onramps

Can you feel it when the tension is rising and a fight is brewing? Or maybe the argument seems to come out of nowhere, then quickly blooms into a full blown argument? Whether you see it coming or not, you know when it STARTS.

Still – you can STOP that argument in its tracks, tame the tension and EVEN turn what WAS well on it’s way to upset and ultimately, separate-ness, into new levels of intimacy.

There are MANY ways to avoid the “on-ramps to upsets.” Join us LIVE as we’ll dive into the “drama-free-diet” that will not only put an end to complaining, blaming and shaming, it will actually bring you CLOSER than you were before all the tension even started.

PLUS get top tips from dedicated coaches & communicators, Ryan & Jessica Geist!

Special Guests Bio: Jessica Geist, is co-founder of The Coach Academy. She is a transformational life and business coach, and expert in individual and organizational change. She has worked with Fortune 100 companies like Kraft, Coca-Cola and Johnson and Johnson and coached over a hundred executives, entrepreneurs and coaches. Jessica enjoys playing in the “deep end” with her clients; helping them push their edges and reach impossible goals. She is a community leader for the LA chapter of Dreamers and Doers, a group dedicated to the support and advancement of women entrepreneurs.

Ryan Geist is also a co-founder of The Coach Academy. A business strategist and marketing consultant, Ryan has consulted with Fortune 100 companies like Dupont and Amtrak. Ryan has worked in the startup arena for nearly a decade in both marketing and strategy roles. He is an expert in marketing, copy writing, digital product development and personal brand building and has worked with major authors like Keith Ferrazzi and Jeffrey Hazylett.

Jessica and Ryan are college sweethearts turned business partners and lifelong lovers. They spent 7 years apart in their 20’s dating other people and experiencing life as individuals before reuniting four years ago one fateful night in New York. As coaches and dedicated communicators, they have developed powerful practices for keeping fights clean before they even begin.

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