Ep. 5.5:  How to Get Out of An Argument & Into An Alliance

“It’s getting heated in here” Is VERY different from, “It’s getting hot in here!” Heated argument, yuck. Hot sexy-time, yum! One makes you want to take your clothes off, the other makes you want to pull your hair out – VERY different, right?

In a heated, ugly argument, the stakes are high, the dynamic is volatile and the outcome is often costly, if not devastating. Don’t let your conscious, compassionate, big-picture brain get hijacked by your reactive, defensive, fight-or-flight “lower brain.”

Consider the costs of a heated argument –the kind that creeps up quickly, gets big and ugly fast and afterwards leaves you wondering, “What the hell just happened?!” Now consider the benefits of learning even a a few new tips, tools and techniques for how to put an end to an argument right in the middle of it.

When we fight with our beloved, one thing is clear: we care deeply about something. This is a reason to fight passionately, but it can also be a reason to love just as passionately. By taking blame off the table, every fight is an opportunity for deeper intimacy.

Join special guest Annie Lalla as we discuss How to Keep the Fights Clean, DURING: “How to Get Out of An Argument and Into An Alliance.”

Special Guest Bio:  Relationship & Intimacy Coach, philosopher and speaker Annie Lalla, has spent her life studying the world of emotions – mapping the complexities of communication and relationships. With an Honors Science Degree, major in Human Biology & Philosophy (minor in Buddhism), her studies include integrative psychology, evolutionary science, neurochemistry, therapeutic sexuality & systems dynamics. Alongside explorations in mystic poetry, classic literature & metaphoric narrative are professional certifications in NLP, Coaching & Hypnosis.

Specializing in love, sex & conflict resolution, Annie teaches her signature method: ‘The Art of Fighting’. She sees conflict as a crucial part of intimacy development. “Arguments are opportunities to understand your partner better, when handled with maturity & skill they can be used to bring you closer instead of farther apart.”

Annie has created a suite of practical tools that help clients resolve toxic patterns, develop romantic esteem, diffuse conflict, assuage shame/blame and cultivate deep, resilient relationships that last a lifetime.

Annie and her husband Eben Pagan live in Miami with their daughter, Love.

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