How to Keep the Fights Clean & the Sex Dirty

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Ep. 5.1: Bye-Bye Friction Factors, Hello Peace Practices

It’s what you do well before any fights flare up that will dictate how OFTEN you fight, how BAD it gets and how LONG it lasts. INVEST even a little intention, attention and action BEFORE any problems surface and avoid it being DEMANDED of you later. Getting ahead of the game can create not only peace, but also a pathway to passion too!

Don’t wait for the tension to mount. Front-load for a fabulous relationship NOW! Join Gaby & Raj along with special guests, Tim Neal & Vanessa (Ness) Patrick, as we dive deep into “How to Keep the Fights Clean – BEFORE, “Bye-Bye Friction Factors, Hello Peace Practices.”

Special Guests Bio: Tim & Ness, founders of The Relationship Revolution help men and women understand each other better so that they can create extraordinary relationships and live more meaningful, happy and fulfilling lives together. Together almost 24/7 they dedicate their lives to learning, growing and leading in the area of relationships. They’re on a mission to transform the world, one couple at a time, to become more conscious, courageous, kind and contributing to those around them.

Vanessa believes that an extraordinary intimate relationship is what makes the difference between living to your fullest potential, and not. What lights her up most is helping couples reignite the spark and love for one another, creating an unbreakable team where they are each other’s biggest source of inspiration and encouragement to live to their fullest potentials. She’s grateful daily that she gets to evolve and improve, live the kind of lifestyle she has always dreamed of, all while traveling the world and serving her mission with her extraordinary partner, Tim.

After over a decade in the fitness industry and facing the major challenges of relationship break-ups, unfulfilling career paths and personal tragedy, Tim discovered what life was REALLY about… relationships. He now gets to travel the world with his Queen Vanessa, serving and inspiring others to create extraordinary relationships too. He credits meeting his incredible partner, Vanessa, as the best thing that has ever happened to him. Tim also loves travel, fitness, a good movie, green smoothies, pizza, red wine and a croissant (or 2 or 3).

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