Ep. 4.6: How to Steer Clear of Stale & Predictable Sexy Time, Every Time

Don’t believe the cliches. Passion doesn’t have to fade! You absolutely CAN deepen your lovemaking connection, intimacy, and expand your “Pleasure Boundaries.” Best-Eva-Sexy-Time (B.E.S.T.) is NOT behind you!

Don’t let the hot coals of passion cool, turn to ash and disappear. You CAN fuel the fire, keep those coals glowing and ensure that your sex-life just keeps getting better and better. Best-Eva-Sexy-Time is NOT behind you!

Join Sherry Froman & Scooter Wilson as we dive into How to Keep the Sex Dirty DURING: “How to Steer Clear of Stale & Predictable Sexy-Time, Every Time.”

Special Guest Bio: Sherry Froman and Scooter Wilson have a 7 year relationship history of exploring various forms of conscious sexuality and sensuality in their relationship. Sherry has been creating play parties for the past 14 years, is a sexuality and relationship coach as well as raw vegan chef, pagan minister, bodyworker, and event producer.

Scooter is a 20 year veteran of the entertainment industry working in film, television, and party production. They have just completed a 5 year run of the beloved Burning Man camp called Chakralicious Camp, and have hosted numerous erotic parties and have created intentional beautiful spaces for people to share intimacy in.

Both are also established film makers and video editors of the erotic arts. They both enjoy bringing people together into community to learn how to grow deeper with each other, how to communicate in ways that are sexy and empowering, and how to just have fun and enjoy the good life when it comes to sex and exploration.

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