How to Keep the Fights Clean & the Sex Dirty

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Ep. 4.3: Early Alert Systems for Avoiding Unnecessary Arguments

Put an end to blaming, shaming and complaining NOW! STOP that argument in it’s tracks, tame the tension and turn what WAS well on it’s way to upset and separate-ness, into new levels of intimacy, bringing you CLOSER than you were before any tension had started. Save the HEAT for the healthy-happy-hot-sex-life! And better yet, just head that argument off at the pass!

Can you feel it when the tension is rising and a fight is brewing? Or maybe the argument seems to come out of nowhere, then quickly blooms into a full blown argument? Whether you see it coming or not, you know when it STARTS. Still – you can STOP that argument in its tracks, tame the tension and EVEN turn what WAS well on it’s way to upset and ultimately, separate-ness, into new levels of intimacy.

There are MANY ways to avoid the “on-ramps to upsets.” Join us LIVE as we’ll show you how to take the very thing that is pulling you apart and show you how to use it to bring your together CLOSER than you were before all the tension even started.

Join Jeremy & Novalena Nichele as we explore How to Keep the Fights Clean, AS IT STARTS, “Early Alert Systems for Avoiding Unnecessary Arguments.”

Special Guest Bio: Novalena has been a global change consultant, author, international speaker, and leadership and culture development trainer. She is the author of “The Total Female Package”​ and is featured in the new Napoleon Hill Foundation’s book, “Think and Grow Rich for Women.”​ She was also a featured speaker at the 2014 California Women’s Conference. For more information on Novalena, please visit her personal website on female empowerment:

Jeremy has led multiple tech product launches and successful companies to revenue and exit. He is an advisor, author, speaker and sought after entrepreneur currently launching an online network to help thought leaders have greater impact on the lives of people. To find out more about Jeremy:

Novalena and Jeremyhave been best friends since 2008 and together for 3 years now and recently got married. They live in Encintas where they love to accelerator for benefit entrepreneurs and business and live by their Northstar – raising the vibration of love on the planet one heart at a time. Jeremy and Novalena met on the Secret Cruise (DVD & Book) in the Caribbean in October of 2008. They instantly had a soul connection and remained best friends for years, getting to know and trust each other over time with ease and grace. In 2012, Jeremy moved to San Diego to become the CEO of a company Novalena supported. It took about 6 months for these two to realize it was their time to take their friendship to a whole other level. In March of 2013, Jeremy and Novalena became a twinflame union. On a casual trip to Maui to visit friends in June of 2015, Jeremy proposed and Novalena said “A billion times, yes!”

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