Ep. 3.5: How to Handle A Heated Argument

“It’s getting heated in here” Is VERY different from, “It’s getting hot in here!” Heated argument, yuck. Hot sexy-time, yum! One makes you want to take your clothes off, the other makes you want to pull your hair out – VERY different, right?

A heated, ugly argument is a dangerous way to “communicate.” The stakes are high, the dynamic is volatile and the outcome is often costly, if not devastating.

Consider the costs of a heated argument – the kind that creeps up quickly, gets big and ugly fast and afterwards leaves you wondering, “What the hell just happened?!”

Now consider the benefits of learning even a a few new tips, tools and techniques for “How to Handle A Heated Argument.” Join us as we share the 6 little words are that can save a sucky moment from becoming sooooo much worse.

Don’t let your conscious, compassionate, big-picture, frontal lobe get hijacked by your reactive, defensive, focused-only-on-the-moment, fight-or-flight “lower brain”.

Join us, along with our guests Amy Segreti and Tony Bocigalupo as we explore How to Keep the Fights Clean – DURING.

Special Guest Bio: Amy and Tony knew right away that the 1,800 miles between them from Brooklyn, NY and Boulder, CO wouldn’t be able to keep them apart.Like most of us, they hit some bumps along the way, but chose to study, learn and practice building the foundation of their relationship from a place of trust, inquiry and reverence for themselves and each other.

Amy Segreti is the founder of Live All of You and the Activated Man Program. She’s a writer, editor, coach and lifestyle alchemist. She beautifies communication and helps people honor their inner compass. She’s also a yoga teacher, dancer and oenophile. Find her on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Tony Bacigalupo, an avid organizer, has been developing coworking communities and support ecosystems for the new workforce since 2007. He was cofounder and Mayor of NYC’s first dedicated coworking space, New Work City, from 2008 to 2015 and is currently a director at Open Coworking, a nonprofit that advocates for coworking worldwide. He is also an award-winning karaoke star. Find him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

They are both co-organizers of the Dynamic Coworking Meetup in Boulder, CO.

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