Ep. 3.4: Top Tips for Tantalizing: Timing, Tempting & Teasing

Are you ready for some super satisfying seduction tips? One of the most common complaints around a lack of satisfying sexy-time is that it gets stale, predictable, and even boring. Yuck!

Even if your sexy-time life is far from boring, keeping it fresh, fun and flirty is a VERY good idea. Only good things can come of it!

Join us for this exploration of the many ways in which you can excite the senses and desires of your beloved in order to keep your sexy-time relationship healthy, happy and HOT!

Check out our “Top Tips for Tantalizing: Timing, Tempting & Teasing” including “Booty Before Breki” along with all the wonderful wisdom of our special guests Renee Heigel of “Love Yourself Naked” and her beloved, Rob Scott!

rob-renee-headshot(1)Special Guest Bio: Renee Heigel helps you to “Love Yourself Naked” with her innovative approach to holistic health, functional nutrition, Ayurveda, and authentic leadership. With over a decade of experience in holistic health and life coaching, Renee leads men and women to transform their bodies, businesses, and lives through her signature Love Yourself Naked programs, writing and speaking engagements. To learn more about what Renee is up to check our her personal website, www.reneeheigel.com

Rob Scott is known for hijacking people’s minds, rewiring their limiting beliefs, and leaving them completely transformed. He is a master level coach who creates digital products and training programs for world changers that help them “breakthrough” their deepest limits. After working with Rob people become incredibly effective, more successful and deeply fulfilled. His flagship product called “The Identity Shifting Mastermind” reprograms people’s mindsets, and connects them to their deepest purpose. You can find out more about how Rob hacks the human brain at RobScott.com and how he shifts identities at IdentityShifting.com.

Together they’re living a conscious, interdependent and present life together. They laugh, dance, have fun, explore, live healthfully, parent, problem solve and teach. They’re a team.  Team R+R (Rob and Renee)

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