Ep 12.6: “His & Hers Tag Team Tips for Tapping Into Turn On – PLUS: Little Known Truths About the Clitoris that Make a BIG Difference”

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Great sex is about turn on not technique. It’s only awesome if you’re both absolutely aroused.
Learn how to tap into new levels of turn on with the witty wisdom from the edgy and awesome Tazima Parris and her beloved husband Ty.
 Join us LIVE for Fights Clean, Sex Dirty TV’s EP 12.6 “His & Hers Tag Team Tips for Tapping Into Turn On – PLUS: Little Known Truths About the Clitoris that Make a BIG”.
Get educated and inspired on these fiercely important facts about the clitoris and it’s care. Try on these tips to turn up the volume on your turn on today.

Special Guests Bio: Tazima Parris is a Chicago-based sex & intimacy coach with a passion for romantic relationships, human sexuality, personal growth, and pleasure. After 15 years of serial monogamy, a six-year marriage, and divorce, Tazima embarked on an exploration with lots of research including personal growth programs, three coach training programs, two yoga certifications, a sexuality practice training program, and a master’s degree in transformational coaching and leadership. She also participated in the BDSM lifestyle, sex-positive community, open relationships, polyamory, cuddle parties, play parties, sexuality practice demonstrations, and tantra pujas. In her current work, Tazima supports high-achieving women over 40 who are struggling with dating and relationships. She uses communication tools and practices from her non-monogamous research to help people in monogamous relationships experience more pleasure, intimacy, and satisfaction. Tazima currently enjoys a monogamish lifestyle with her new husband, Ty.

Ty Parris is a native of southern California and has a background in finance with a passion for real estate development. He relocated to the San Francisco Bay Area in 2010 and to Chicago since 2016. Ty loves great restaurants, fashion, and airplanes. His personality is equally balanced between friendly, stubborn, and hilarious. Although Ty has been a lifetime serial monogamist, he is now enjoying a monogamish marriage with Tazima.,

Ty and Tazima met over lunch at a cafe just 10 days before Tazima moved to Chicago from San Francisco Bay Area in 2015. From the beginning, their relationship was characterized by radical honesty and direct communication. They both love personal growth and consistently challenge each other to get out of their respective comfort zones. This usually means Tazima invites Ty to risqué events and Ty invites Tazima to express her emotions. After a little over a year of cross-country dating, Ty joined Tazima in Chicago and they married in 2018. The core principles they strive to uphold in their relationship are authenticity, teamwork, and consciousness.

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