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Ep 12.4: “How to Break Free From the Barriers to Intimacy and Bring Bliss to Your Bedroom”

Sometimes life and love can get difficult or even just really busy. So busy that even activities that bring you bliss seem daunting or like a chore.

Getting intimate may sound great, but then barriers that build up between you and your beloved can make it seem soooooo far away or almost inaccessible entirely.

Where does the functional end and the flirting begin? How do you shift from the day to day drag to being delighted by desire?

Come learn how to move past the obstacles and into awesomeness. Join Raj and I with our special guests Kristopher and Lita Lovestone as we delve into “How to Break Free From the Barriers to Intimacy and Bring Bliss to Your Bedroom”.

Get in on this informative and inspiring interview with these top tips for easy access on-ramps to intimacy.

Special Guest Bio: Kristopher Lovestone is a professional sex educator, author of Conscious Cock: The Empowerede Sexuality Manual For Men, and works with men to help them achieve relationship & love life success through communication tools, modern sex education, integrity and understanding women. Lita is a visionary artist and fabric designer that encodes mantras into fabric, wall art and clothing. Together they are parents to an amazing 6 year old boy that they are raising as an empowered human with balanced masculine and feminine energies and zero sexual shame.

To learn more about Kristopher and his work, visit 

Lita Lovestone is an American textile artist living in Costa Rica.  She creates her intricate handwoven designs on a floor loom using hand dyed natural yarns.  A weaver with 20 years of experience, she is currently pushing the boundaries of traditional weave structures with her own visionary approach and style.  She completed a 4 year Master Weaving Certificate at the Hill Institute in Massachusetts and has pursued her passion for weaving even as she lived aboard a tiny sailboat for 2 years.

Learn more about Lita at

Kristopher & Lita Lovestone have been together for 14 years and cultivate a sexy hot relationship every single day. They practice radical honesty and deep authenticity as the foundation for a relationship of regular hot sex and ongoing fantasy evolution and exploration. Their motto is “our hearts are never apart”, which they embody while supporting each other in an open relationship that encourages their separate individual evolution as well as growth as a couple.

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