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Ep 12.2: “Simple & Sexy Everyday Exchanges To Keep the Juiciness Alive”

Don’t let your sex life become a dull drudgery, make it a juicy joy instead with these day to day to do tips for how to keep the sex dirty (well BEFORE the seduction even begins).

If you crave more consistent emotional and physical connection with some creative sexy surprises then don’t miss Erin & Dio as they share their wisdom from their two decades together on episode 12.2 “Simple & Sexy Everyday Exchanges To Keep the Juiciness Alive”.

Find out how just 17 seconds can create a whole new world of wonderful.

Special Guests Bio: Erin Delaney, professional coach, teacher, writer & speaker, has worked with hundreds of women over the last twenty-five years, guiding them in the areas of self-expression, empowerment and sexual integrity.

With a background in dance, yoga and refined communication skills, as well as an M.A. in the Healing Arts, she’s also worked with children & teens in schools, youth programs, camps and psychiatric hospitals throughout the US, in Europe and in Mexico.

In 2008, Erin co-founded Collaborative Couples, Inc. with her husband, and through coaching many couples, she became keenly aware of how much sexual shame and confusion women carry, and how it negatively affects them in their partnerships, their parenting and as empowered women in the world.

As an advocate for women & girls claiming their truth and sexual integrity, through her Mother-Daughter-Empowerment coaching, online courses and retreats, Erin focuses her attention on helping mothers celebrate & guide their daughters to be safe, sexually empowered beings.

Currently Erin lives in Southern California with her husband, artist & filmmaker, and their extraordinary teenage daughter.

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Dionisio Ceballos is a multidisciplinary artist known for his murals, and luminous, colorful abstract work. Dio has discovered a prolific language in the constant exploration to extract the mystical, the natural accidents – the substantial. The studies of light, the translucency and the ludic atmospheres are characteristics of his work. His paintings become a translation of the chaotic towards the beautiful – from the unpredictable to the essential.

Dio’s influences range from the Mexican masters Rufino Tamayo and Pedro Coronel to the American expressionist school and the bright hues of his native heritage as well as the pre-Hispanic iconography. Dio is an Emmy award winner for his work as an artist and animator and has received several awards and grants for his creativity. He works in different locations around the U.S and Mexico. He exhibits his work at the SF MOMA artist gallery.

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Twenty years after meeting at a meditation ashram in upstate New York, marrying & starting parenthood a year later, Erin & Dionisio are still a hot couple and going strong. In fact, much stronger now than ever before. Why? Because 9 years into their marriage they hit a breaking point and considered divorce – but instead they chose to dive deep into themselves and their partnership, and “remodel” their relationship to their liking. And they continue to remodel it still today – well aware that strong partnerships are based on premise of flowing with inevitable change. Changes within oneself, therefore changes within the relationship.

At the beginning of their relationship, Dionisio stated: “Though it is my intention to stay together with you this lifetime, we don’t know for sure.” That set the stage for healthy & ongoing dialogue and continual revamping as they’ve moved from New York to Mexico to Louisville to Northern California, to Southern California; as they’ve watched & supported their daughter’s growth into independence; and as they’ve slowing flowed into a more “monogamish” partnership. Instead of committing to stay together no matter what (which of course they may), they’re committed to love & uplift each other, no matter what.

As yogis, meditators and relentless lovers of self-inquiry & deepened wisdom, they’re trained together in NonViolent Communication, Voice Dialogue and Collaborative Leadership, enjoy the practice of The Work by Byron Katie and are profoundly committed to their shared spiritual path.

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