Ep 12.1: “5 Foundational Tools to Spot Patterns and Stop Projections BEFORE They Trip You Up”

Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither is a healthy, happy and hot relationship. It takes day after day devotion and practice. Yet broken into these 5 basic building blocks, it can be a delightful discovery. Don’t get stuck in that hamster wheel and waste your energy on projections, invest in intimacy. Learn to quickly uncover the problematic patterns that cut off connection. Join us along with the dreamy and down to earth, Susy & Chace as we explore the “5 Foundational Tools to Spot Patterns and Stop Projections BEFORE They Trip You Up”.

Special Guests Bio: Mexican born, Susy Ramirez moved to the states as a child- where her journey into holistic health began. It was here that she was deeply moved to forge paths in alternative medicine after watching the effect of pharmaceuticals and female birth control on women and the world. Along with her mentors, teachers, endless learning, hard journeys and deep self transformations – Susy has found herself ready to rise with those ready to learn about new ways of living.

Born in Escondido, Chace Spillman moved to Las Vegas at the age of 18 in hopes of opening up a chain of sustainable casinos. Ever since he was a young boy, he dreamed of a world where everyone lived in harmony with the land, alongside the use of amazing technology and sustainable economic models. He was a dreamer with a big vision. Today, he is part of a global alliance of positive change businesses, communities, groups, festivals, and eco-villages that are working towards a new, heart centered world.

Susy & Chace are pollinators, entrepreneurs, and magnets who bring people of all backgrounds together into a regenerative, sustainable and healthy world. Together they unravel the worlds of conscious love, sacred sexuality and healing in the container of relationship. They work together alongside an amazing community of people, building communities and resorts all around the world.

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