“React or Relate –
How to Leverage the Shocking Shortcuts of the Relationship Mind”

In the middle of an argument, you can either get triggered and REACT or you can find ways to RELATE to yourself, your beloved and your relationship instead. If you’ve ever gotten stuck going round and round trying to resolve a conflict (or even just get out of it!), and you’ve not only gotten nowhere, but actually FURTHER from where you want to be, then you might want to tune in and snap up these top tips for what to do when you find yourself in the heat of the conflict. Join us along with Krystal Starr & Caleb Jennings as we double-date-dive into discussing How to Keep the Fights Clean, DURING: “React or Relate – How to Leverage the Shocking Shortcuts of the Relationship Mind” Learn how to push PAUSE on a problem and bring PARTNERSHIP POWER to it instead.

Special Guests Bio: Women’s Health & Autoimmune Expert Coach
As the Co-Founder & Facilitator of Wild Embodied Women, Krystal integrates her knowledge and wisdom through multi-faceted healing modalities. It was just a few years ago that she was bed-ridden, suffering with severe chronic fatigue and autoimmune conditions, praying to regain health in hopes of feeling like a “normal” woman. Today, she lives from a place of gratitude having healed her life-threatening conditions. Krystal works with women struggling to feel at home in their skin, working to bring them back to a place of personal power. She is the Co-Founder of Refresh Natural Health, returning women to their intuition and body wisdom through colon hydrotherapy, nutrition, lifestyle coaching and Reiki.

Professional Biohacker and Expert in Nutrition & Optimal Performance
Caleb is the Founder of Holistic Biohacking, a unique method of optimizing human health and performance using a data-driven Functional Medicine style approach, combining the best of ancient practices and the most powerful modern science and health technology to achieve real world transformational results. Caleb has studied various aspects of neuroscience, biology and human behaviour and works closely with his clients to break old patterns of self-sabotage and frustration so they can live an epic life.

Together, we work with individuals and couples who want to upgrade their love, their life, and their health. As entrepreneurs we have spent the past 4 years of our relationship running multiple businesses while still making time for what matters most — OUR LOVE. But it hasn’t always been this way. When our relationship first started their were many obstacles, stress and pressure from the world around us. In moments we weren’t sure we could make it work, but strong communication and a clear shared life vision saved us every time. We love working with couples to help them navigate from emotional eruption to conscious expression. Emotions and arguments will always happen in our close relationships… it’s how we communicate our needs that sets us up for success or failure in any relationship (and life!).

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