“How to Stay Curious & Keep It Playful Even in Conflict”

It’s all too easy to get cranky over every day life and then take the stress out on our beloved. It’s human, yet it just does NOT help. It actually can hurt a lot. And just one cranky comment can snowball into a major conflict – quickly. But it doesn’t have to. What if you could end an argument before it even got started. Or just skip it entirely! AND what if you could not only end the argument, you could turn it into intimacy and even fun instead? Join Priya & James as we explore How to Keep the Fights Clean, AS IT STARTS: “How to Stay Curious & Keep It Playful Even in Conflict”

Special Guests Bio: Priya Deepika is an attorney turned sound-healer, educator and trainer. For over 20 years Priya’s career in social justice has developed alongside her spiritual path as a Yogi and artist. Priya draws indigenous wisdom & practice from her South Indian lineage as well as her formal education and training. For the last 11 years Priya’s journey of the Voice has been central to her advocacy for social healing. She is trained and certified in Sound Voice and Music Healing from the California Institute for Integral Studies and as a Teacher trainer in Yoga of the Voice by the Vox Mundi Project. Priya’s background as a human-rights immigration lawyer and mediator has shaped her approach in helping others to find their true voice and safety for self-expression. Priya integrates sound as medicine and music into wellness education for emotional awareness, empathy, stress relief, trauma-release and revitalizing our capacity for greater human connection and creative inspiration. Priya’s music is known for its serene invitation qualities and melodic soundscapes exploring mood, tone and color of the human experience. Priya’s debut album Hear In My Heart will be available Spring of 2019.

With a 20 year career as a creative, advisor, mentor, & strategist to best selling authors, Grammy award-winning artists, global entertainment brands, tech start-ups, trade associations, small businesses and entrepreneurs all over the world James Barnard has a career that spans the gamut of building brands and telling stories that matter. WIth a unique blend of expertise including high concept design, storytelling, direct marketing, technology development, business strategy, team building, leadership development & transpersonal psychology – James is an agent of possibility on a mission to unleash imagination and activate potential.

Priya and James found love on purpose while creating meaningful experiences for people to connect deeper through music and  immersive environment. Since 2013, Priya and James, as a couple, have worked with a number of partners & collaborators in creating richly diverse & beautiful landscapes & atmospheres through music, immersive environments, content and curation for festivals, retreats, conferences and workshops. Priya and James believe in creating sanctuary for bridge-walkers who celebrate diversity and universality. They draw upon Nature’s intelligent design, their own Celtic and Vedic lineages and universal principles of sacred geometry and harmonics to create coherent spaces that bring the participant into deeper relationship with their surroundings.

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