“Mine, Yours & Ours – 3 Key Perspectives for Ending Arguments With Ease”

We all know how important quality communication is. Our ability to communicate with intention, even when conflict is present, is kind of a make-it-or-break-it skill. If you want a great relationship, you need to know how to communicate, ESPECIALLY during conflict!

If you want to be able to end an argument, even in the heat of it, then join Alexandra & Rodd Stockwell as we explore How to Keep the Fights Clean, DURING: “Mine, Yours & Ours – 3 Key Perspectives for Ending Arguments With Ease”.

Learn four simple yet powerful techniques for turning an argument into intimacy. Enough of the upsets! Join us and learn hot to end arguments with ease.

Alexandra and Rodd Stockwell met the first week of medical school 25 years ago and have been together ever since. The foundation of their relationship has always been a shared commitment to their own and one another’s growth. This shared commitment took them through 90 hour work weeks, multiple holistic training, the birth and parenting of four children, cross country moves, and family travel to Brazil, Alaska, South Africa, and most of the states in the US. They go all in with whatever they are learning, whether it is a new way of eating, a spiritual teaching which touches their hearts, homeschooling their children, or investing time and money to learn new skills to enhance communication and sensuality in their marriage. They are deeply committed to their own and one another’s healing and this shows up in fighting to resolution, belly laughs galore, and sensual explorations which belie their relatively conservative exteriors.

Rodd and Alexandra are committed to changing the cultural narrative that long term relationships are where passion goes to die and replacing it with an enlightened understanding of the emotional richness and erotic juiciness uniquely available with a lifelong partner.

Alexandra Stockwell, MD is a Physician turned Relationship Coach. After practicing Family Medicine for seven years, helping families to heal their bodies and their relationships, she studied the science and art of emotional and sensual connection. Most of the training she found were for singles and younger couples disinterested in marriage. Wanting more joy and more pleasure in her own marriage, she took what was offered and learned to apply it in a long term committed relationship. After creating joy in daily life, emotional connection, and extremely satisfying sensual intimacy with her husband, she uses the best of what she learned to help others create the joy, freedom, and connection they want. For 20 years she has been guiding men and women to bring pleasure and purpose back into all aspects of married life–from the daily grind of running a household, to ecstatic experiences in the bedroom!

Rodd Stockwell, MD is a holistic medical doctor. After majoring in Neuroscience at Harvard University, he worked as an instructor at an experiential self-defense program in Boston. To his amazement, he witnessed rape survivors come to the first day of class withdrawn and barely making eye contact. By the last class a few weeks later, the same women graduated with confidence, looking directly as they communicated, radiating purpose and hope. This experience of comprehensive healing inspired Rodd to become a physician.

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