OK here’s the bad news, good news.

BAD NEWS: You’re struggling enough in your relationship right now that you’re here on this website.

GOOD NEWS: You’re here on this website, wanting to DO something about it – NOW. And Raj and I have a simple and even fun way to help – FAST.

Today you are here, ready to do something proactive, concrete, effective and even fun, to get GET PAST what’s got you two in a funk and get your relationship REALLY rocking and rolling again.

Raj and I know just how hard it can be to learn and develop the skills to have the kind of relationship that is so obviously great, that friends, family and even strangers begin to take notice and say “I WANT WHAT THEY HAVE.”

Raj and I don’t think bettering your relationship should be so hard, confronting or boring. Shifting out of behaviors that trip you up again and again and into habits that bring you closer and closer, is too important to be so hard.

We wanted something more fun, current, playful so we could loosen up about conflict and sex and start to experiment and get playful about our growth and development as a couple.

You REALLY CAN get closer and have more fun together, and the sex REALLY CAN get hotter.