Do More Than Honey Do…

This morning I got up to have a little time for myself. This is a new ritual that I have introduced into my life over the past three months and I LOVE IT!

One of the things I did this morning with my time to myself was go to the hardware store and pick up a sealant ring for our non-functioning toilet. We have guests and needed to handle this like yesterday.

You could say I was doing my “Honey Do List.”

I am having a large focus on deepening my love with my wife right now… for many reasons including we are just about to launch Relationship Fun and Games (stay tuned later this week!) – and it means everything to me to be practitioners and models of what we share in our products.

One of the promises of Relationship Fun and Games is to bring play, peace and passion to your relationship. What we like to call a P3 Relationship.


Do More Than Honey Do…

In alignment with living a P3 Relationship, as I was out this morning doing my Honey Do List, I asked myself “How can I deepen my connection with my wife today?”

Usually doing the Honey Do List comes with a lot of “Arggg! and not much “Ahhhh.” Like, the list is never ending, I have had a long week and the last thing I want to be doing on the weekend is running errands.

By doing my Honey Do List, AND asking myself this question of “How can I deepen my connection with my wife today”, I totally shifted my mind set. Like it became like a game, like fun instead of a chore.

Gaby LOVES presents! So while at the hardware store doing my Honey Do List, I picked up a couple of cute orange gardening gloves (her favorite color is orange)… and a Santa Barbara Magazine (she loves to relax and read a fun magazine).

And let me tell you – it was a BIG hit. Not only did I fix the toilet, but she felt doubly loved because I did more than just what was on the Honey Do List… and I had fun doing it!


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